Friday, September 14, 2018

Another New McCartney Record, Only This One Is From Gilbert O'Sullivan

Gilbert O'Sullivan has been quietly and consistently making records since he first broke our hearts with his number one single, "Alone Again (Naturally)" 46 years ago. He's done it again with "Gilbert O'Sullivan," which dropped last week. Quite simply, this is one terrific record. O'Sullivan is a clever songwriter with an amazing knack for melody and for turning a phrase, and just about every song on this record is a pop gem. It's hard not think of solo McCartney while listening. Each track feels like it could have been on "Ram" or "Wild Life" or "Band On The Run," for that matter.  If I had one complaint it would be the overuse of the roller rink organ, which seems to appear on just about every track. The keys are played by Stephanie Jean. In what might be one more resemblance to Sir Paul, Miss Jean could be Mrs. O'Sullivan, which could explain the need. It doesn't always get in the way of the wonderful songs within, but I would have opted out on a few. That said, this new Gilbert O'Sullivan record is worth your time, if you were once a fan. If not, give a listen to at least one of the three tracks posted here. I'm really digging them all.


heartsofstone said...

Wow - great post. Haven't thought about him in ages. Spot on - McCartney-esque.

Anonymous said...

Gilbert O'Sullivan - whod've thunk! Thanks for the heads up.

SOTD - Renaissance - Camera Camera. That one's a blast from my musical past. Gonna have to dig that out and give it a spin. That's why I love Burning Wood!!


buzzbabyjesus said...

About 2/3 through "Penny Drops" I couldn't take any more of the organ.
It sounds like a Hammond, and I think you're right about "Linda".
The organ in "Penny" never lays out.
Good organ parts incorporate silence so the music can breathe.
The player sounds inexperienced.
It would drive me insane.

hpunch said...

I'm glad Gilbert's new record is getting the attention it deserves. The organ doesn't bother me too much. Maybe Stephanie Jean is Mrs. Ethan Johns? I think he did a fine production job, as he usually does. The songs he produced on McCartney's New were the strongest there. Gilbertville and Scruff At Heart are also recent GIlbert gems. His previous record Latin Ala G didn't do it for me though. It is, as the title implies, Latin-flavored. But I could be wrong since it got some great notice.

Superenignmatix said...

It's hard to have too much respect for a man who wrote a song entitled "A Woman's Place Is In Home" and he wasn't being funny or ironic, just misogynistic. Shame.