Saturday, October 13, 2018

Songs Of The Week, 2018: 10/6-10/12

Greasy- Jackie McLean
Get Up Adinah- Desmond Dekker
Welfare Cheese Emanuel Laskey
Hold On- The Rascals
There's Something Awful Nice About You- The Escorts
Incident On 57th Street- Bruce Springsteen
Achin'- The Plugz


Greasy- Jackie McLean
One of my very favorite jazz tracks of all time. It reminds me of what Herb Alpert & The TJB would do if they were accomplished jazz musicians.

Get Up Adinah- Desmond Dekker
I shop at a record store in Asbury Park where reggae is played almost always. Heard this one there.

Welfare Cheese- Emanuel Laskey
No words to describe this one.  Nothing like it.

Hold On- The Rascals
This one took me by surprise on the iPod shuffle. Been awhile since I listened to the "See" album.

There's Something Awful Nice About You- The Escorts
Heard this on a Jet commercial. I don't know what Jet is or what the commercial was for, but I loved the tune.

Incident On 57th Street- Bruce Springsteen
Picked up a couple of hundred punk and new wave 45's this week and lost in the batch was a parakeet training record from Hartz Mountain Products...I kid you not...and Allan Clarke of The Hollies version of Bruce's Born To Run, which came out in 1975 and was credited to "B. Springstein." This set off a discussion and an endless supply of joke song titles--"Born To Kvetch," "4th Of July, Asbury Park, (Tovah)," etc. After the Facebook thread came to a halt, I put on this album.

Achin'-The Plugz
My favorite punk single of all time.


Joe said...

Sal, if you like Greasy, check out Mal Waldron's (with John Coltrane) version of The Way You Look Tonight. One of my favorite melodic jazz tracks. Joe

A walk in the woods said...

Thanks for this!

dogbreath said...

Zip unzipped and The Plugz and Desmond Dekker let loose. Never thought I'd see them in the same sentence! Thanks for the tunes. Cheers!


Excellent collection for a lazy Sunday!

Thanks Sal