Monday, November 5, 2018


“I love that feeling when you bite into a tootsie pop and the bits of crunchy lollipop are all mushed into the chewy tootsie roll. Also, anyone who continues to vote republican but claims they aren’t racist, is lying to themselves.”

- My cousin, Jason Little


Anonymous said...

Your cousin Jason is a smart man!

Captain al

Michael Giltz said...

That was funny. Vote! Dear god, don't let a little inclement weather make you not bother.

Ken D said...

Racist? Isn't that what the "R" next to their name stands for?

buzzbabyjesus said...

Ken D:

It does now.

Lord Carrett said...

I told my girlfriend that she was not allowed to complain about Trump if she didn't vote against him, and it got her to register, and she voted today!

I think it should be a national slogan, and something EVERYONE SAYS.

Guy at water cooler:
"Did you see Trump tweeted..."

"Excuse me... did you vote?"

Guy at water cooler:
"Well... No. That day, my car..."

"Sorry. I can't listen to you complain about Trump if you didn't vote against him."

Anonymous said...

Last time I visited the USA was 5 years ago. I remember I spent more than half the day at Amoeba in LA. It seems to me like a very different country now.

I am still wondering where Bruce, Neil, among others are... even 'not even the best band in Ireland'decided to lower down the tone at some point, I know business and money are involved but W. Bush was confronted but far less of what we have been watching these years.

A very different country I guess.

A walk in the woods said...

Amen. I was glad to see some of the results (Dem's take the House, lots of non-straight-white-men* elected), but very sad my state of Georgia here couldn't push Stacey Abrams over the top, at least not yet.

* I am a straight white man