Friday, January 11, 2019

"Off The Shelves, January '19" : THE WEEKEND MIX

This may seem like a random collection of songs, and I guess maybe it is. But they were all selected from an ever-growing folder of music I call "Off The Shelves." It began back in my CD retail days, when I had access to everything and took it all home. I ran out of room very quickly and needed to weed out the CDs that only had a song or two that interested me. Those songs were imported into an iTunes folder that now holds a little over 1,000 of these highlights. This mix highlights those highlights.

That Dirty Tricks tune sounds like Steve Winwood fronting Deep Purple.
That Starclub tune sounds like a lost Big Star tune.
That Spy Mob tune sounds like a cross between Steely Dan and Todd Rundgren.
Beth Nielsen Chapman's cover of the Laura Nyro tune outdoes them all.

There are a few you might already know, but I love them all and you know, maybe they'll sound good altogether.

2040- Spy Mob
Tanqueray- Johnnie Johnson & Keith Richards
Summer Can't Come To Soon- A.J. Croce
Call My Name- Starclub
Used To Be My Used To Be- Bram Tchaikovsky
Holiday- Nazareth
That's How I Got T Memphis- Kelly Willis
I'll Take My Chances- Swirl 360
Baby Sitter- Betty Wright
Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do- Otis Rush
Surrender- Terence Trent D'Arby
Rough Landing, Holly- Yellowcard
Wait Till Saturday- Dirty Tricks
Stoney End- Beth Nielsen Chapman
Where The Boys Are- Get Wet




Always love the "Off The Shelves!"

Have a great weekend Sal and all the fellow burners of wood.

Anonymous said...

OK, so after reading the comment from JAYESSEMM I realized that there's a past to these Off The Shelf posts, and I looked in your archives and I tried to download but the links are expired. Since I came to this Burning Wood party late -- only in the last few years -- I missed out. Any chance of those links being re-upped for those of us who'd be delighted to hear your past comps? If it's a hassle, I understand, and I'm sure I could look for the tunes I don't know on YouTube, but it wouldn't be the same as your (Oh, how I hate this buzzword in this context) curated collections.
C in California
PS Always loved the humor in that Nazareth song. And always liked that K Willis song, and was always struck how much it sounds like a Jeff Lynne production in the first few seconds.

Sal Nunziato said...

To C In California,

I'll get those old OTS links reupped before the weekend is out and will leave another comment here when ready.

Anonymous said...

Yer a prince!
C in California

Ken D said...

Only a couple of tracks I'm familiar with... one of which is the Johnnie Johnson.
Hard to believe you didn't find more to love on that album. I think it's all great (except for "Stepped in What?", a novelty song that doesn't stand a second listen).
Thanks much for the mixed mix.

Sal Nunziato said...

You know Ken D, I loved Tanqueray so much, I went to see Johnnie at the Lone Star just to hear it live, and of course hoping Keef would show up. He didn’t. And to be honest, the only other song I remember is Stepped In What, so maybe it’s tkne to give it a listen

heartsofstone said...

Really looking forward to this one.

Sal Nunziato said...

Okay, C In Cali. Zips are ready.

A walk in the woods said...

Looking forward to this mix!

cmealha said...

Nice! Especially gratified to see the Get Wet track. Most of the others are unknown to me. Digging in now.

Anonymous said...

Yer a KING!
C in California

dogbreath said...

Thanks for the zip. I'm a big believer in randomness theory & this mix fits the bill just fine - to my ears it all works. When you posted a version of "Tanqueray" some time back it had me reaching for a G&T so I'm looking forward to spinning this lot this weekend & I'm preparing the slices of lime already. Cheers!