Saturday, February 2, 2019

Songs Of The Week, 2019: 1/26-2/1

If You Want My Love (Demo)- Cheap Trick
One True Vine- Wilco
Whizz kid- Mott The Hoople
Space (Universal Love Remix)- Prince
Thought It Would Be Easier- Shelby Lynne
Three Too Many-Gary Louris
Warm Heart Pastry- Mike Heron


If You Want My Love (Demo)- Cheap Trick
One of my favorite bands whose hits are my least favorite songs. This one in particular always got on my nerves, but for some reason this demo version works for me, thanks to the key change and extended ending.

One True Vine- Wilco
An outtake from the "Sky Blue Sky" sessions, I first heard it by Mavis Staples. This one surprised me on the iPod, as I didn't realize I had it.

Whizz Kid- Mott The Hoople
All the Mott talk made me want to hear this gem.

Space (Universal Love Remix)- Prince
Found a 12" of this last week. One of the better remixes making an average song special. AND, it reminded me of....

Thought It Would Be Easier- Shelby Lynne
Love this track and it sounds terrific coming out of the Prince track before it.

Three Too Many- Gary Louris
RunOutGroove is a boutique vinyl label releasing records based on fan voting. Gary Louris' Vagabonds got the nod a few months ago and the new 2-LP set is something else. Beautifully mastered and packaged with a bonus LP of oddities and the entire "Acoustic Vagabonds" E.P.. This track was originally an iTunes only bonus track and it's a great one, especially if you're a Byrds fan.

Warm Heart Pastry- Mike Heron
Incredible String Band co-conspirator Mike Heron, backed by Tommy & The Bijoux, a band consisting of Pete Townshend, Ronnie Lane, Duncan Browne and Keith Moon. John Cale is here too, billed as John Cale.


Troy said...

(1) Love the Mavis version of 'One True Vine', will have to check out the Wilco version, thanks.

(2) Do you know if the Gary Louris album is still available, or if the songs + bonus tracks are available anywhere? I have the original version of Vagabonds and like it very much. Didn't know about the new version.


Sal Nunziato said...

Here's an Amazon link for the Gary Louris-

Troy said...

Thanks Sal!

heartsofstone said...

Awesomely eclectic


Nice mix -- Thanks Sal.

I've been thinking about your "One of my favorite bands whose hits are my least favorite songs." comment. I completely understand. What does that say about you, us, them, ...? :-)