Sunday, April 14, 2019

Songs Of The Week: Spring Highlights

If things go my way----HAHAHAAA---The Weekend Mix and Songs Of The Week zips will be back in business by the end of next week. Until then, I thought I'd tried this approach, as the Songs Of The Day have been piling up.

This Dorothy Berry track employs every trick in the record making book and what you get is a relentless blast of energy in under 2:00. And it was written by the same guy who wrote "Baby I'm A Want You," Mr. David Gates.

A few weeks ago, in light of Peter Frampton's health and decision to retire, a few different social media debates surfaced, both good and bad, of course. I am a fan of the man, and my two cents went towards defending the "I'm In You" album. I wasn't stupid enough to defend the title track, even though I don't hate it---Frampton plays drums on it and I think that's cool---and I certainly wouldn't have approved of the cover photo, though I hear the ladies like it. But, there are some great songs on that record, including this track, which might just be my favorite Pete song of all. A really nice cameo by Mick Jagger is another bonus.

One of my Top 10 songs out of New Orleans, from the genius pen of Alex McMurray, a NOLA legend. This is one of the nastiest and one of the funniest songs I have ever heard and it's got a badasss groove, to boot.

"Paris 1919" has always been my favorite John Cale album. But, "Slow Dazzle" is a very close second, and after having not listened to it in years, I gave it a spin three times in a week. The opening tribute to Brian Wilson is worth your three minutes.

When jazz pianist Brad Mehldau released "Largo," it turned the jazz purists world on its ear. It blew my little mind, too. I truly hadn't heard anything like it before. It wasn't jazz, or was it? Pop music? It might be. Brilliant and beautiful, for sure. This is the opening track.

The wonderful Soul Jazz record label released two deep cuts a few weeks ago, records by Steve Reid and Eddie Russ. I knew nothing about either, but I loved the press releases and the reviews from All Music. I took a chance on both and I love both. This is something from Eddie Russ.

This gorgeous track closes out "Kiko" by Los Lobos, and I thought it would be a nice closer for what would have been a SOTW zip.


Anonymous said...

Loved that first one, and have loved Los Lobos since their debut EP on Slash.
C in California

FD13NYC said...

Good song here from I'm In You. I enjoy the first four LP's and then some sprinkling after that. My fave is the Somethin's Happening album.

M_Sharp said...

Two fine albums from Royal Fingerbowl, I didn't think to check and see if Alex McMurray had any solo albums until now, thanks.