Sunday, October 13, 2019

Songs Of The Week, 2019: 10/5-10/11

Tomorrow's People-The Children Of Today- McDonald & Giles
Tonight The Streets Are Ours- Richard Hawley
You Used To Drive Me Around- Jon Auer
Descending- The Black Crowes
Since I Fell For You- Annie Laurie w/Paul Gayten
There Is Nothing More To Say- The Millennium
Everything's Ruined- Faith No More


We open up with my favorite track from the McDonald & Giles record. That opening minute kills me everytime.

I just read a quote from Andy Partridge regarding production: "What's the use of having a top if you're not going to go over it?" And that brings me to Richard Hawley who goes all in, almost all the time. This track is a sweeping beauty.

The Posies' Jon Auer goes solo on one of my very favorite tracks of his, with or without Ken Stringfellow.

The version of "Descending" included here, is from the Black Crowes "Lost" sessions and it is far superior than what officially came out on "Amorica." Another killer.

A friend recently posted this early version of the Lenny Welch hit, "Since I Fell For You" on his Facebook page. As great as the 60's hit was, Annie Laurie really nails it on this 1947 version.

I've mentioned "The Millennium- Begin" on these pages a number of times. It is a record that seems to always be in heavy rotation. This track stood out on this particular go around because it finally hit me that Todd Rundgren copped the melody for "Chain Letter" on his "The Ballad Of..." album.

Faith No More has always interested me in that, the songs I love, I love and the songs I don't, I hate. I LOVE this track. The repeated "Everything's Ruined" at the end is so simple and yet so effective.


A walk in the woods said...

As dependable as the rain, a new SOTW mix appears - thanks, Sal!

I think Richard Hawley is one of the great unappreciated geniuses of modern music. Nobody seems to talk about him, but I find all his records just brilliant - and this song is near the top of my list.

dogbreath said...

A big thank you for another goodie. The Millennium I discovered through this blog (only five decades late - Ed) and "Everything's Ruined" is a little belter as well as being a favourite cry of despair, as in "Why did you do that? Everything's ruined!" Oh well. Cheers!