Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Reasons To Stay Alive: Best Selling Book & Candidate For One Of The Best Albums of 2019

Best selling author Matt Haig's 2015 memoir "Reasons To Stay Alive," about living with severe depression is now the subject of a musical collaboration with singer/songwriter and Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows. Released earlier this year, "Reasons To Stay Alive," the album, is a stunning, moving and completely musical collection of songs that manages to be both joyful and uplifting despite the subject matter.

An NME review of the album, mentions both Queen and Elton John as influences, but aside from the occasional layered harmonies and the presence of a piano, I don't really hear either. What I hear is a perfectly crafted set of adult songs and smart yet restrained production. There is certainly a 70's feel to "Reasons To Stay Alive," but to say it resembles any one artist would be selling it short.

Give these tracks a spin, and let me know what you hear. I hear one of the best records of 2019.

Special thanks to John of the John Sally Ride for pointing this gem out.


Troy said...

Wow! Damn, that's good! I love the first two songs, and like the third. Definitely something to check out further. You're right that it has a 70s vibe, but not necessarily to any one artist. I thought the first song sounded like something I would have heard on AM radio in the 70s. Thanks for the tip!

drizzz said...

Instantly reminded me of Emitt Rhodes.

Anonymous said...

I hear Rhodes, too, and Jeff Lynne harmonies.

hpunch said...

It is certainly on my best of list
This record has been out all year and there is no buzz around it.
How???? Maybe you can be the one to spread the word.

A walk in the woods said...

Nice! Especially Barcelona. And wow, those videos - amazing how much $$ it looks like they put into them, for something I utterly would never have heard of it not for your blog. Which is sad, considering I'm such a fan of this type of music. The hopefulness of them putting it out with such nice videos and everything is heartening.

heartsofstone said...

I hear a bit of Jellyfish as well.

buzzbabyjesus said...
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buzzbabyjesus said...

A little too poppy and polished for me.
And maybe derivative.
Emitt Rhoads, Jeff Lynne, and "I thought the first song sounded like something I would have heard on AM radio in the 70s".

I hear quality also, it's just not for me.
These days I'm kinda into instrumental music.

ken49 said...

I like this a lot, it has that creative pop songcraft that too often can go missing. Jellyfish, Andy Pratt, Eric Carmen show up for me.