Thursday, February 6, 2020

P.S I Love You: A Playlist From BIll

This is Burning Wood's first shared Spotify playlist and it was created by our friend Bill.
(I love this idea!)

Over to you, Bill!

"Here's a playlist I put together a couple of years ago for the loving month of February, looking at the ups and downs of relationships. My very talented friend Ron Miller designed the cover from one of my photographs. I had fun putting it together and listen to it in months other than February, too. Thanks for letting me share it!"



Thanks Bill. Thanks Sal.

I really need better to understand Spotify. I couldn't find this playlist but it played when I clicked. I "follow" Sal but don't seem to get any notifications. I know -- Pilot Error!

Diggin' the playlist. I love you too!

steve simels said...

BTW, gave you a plug over at PowerPop today. PP Arnold, and thanks for turning me on to the album.

Sal Nunziato said...

I can't be 100% certain the following info is accurate but I think it might be.

If you keep Spotify open on your desktop computer versus using the app on your phone, you will see friends' activity on your right. By following me, or anyone, you can access their playlists. I don't think it means you receive texts or emails regarding anything.
Also, I do believe there is a difference between free Spotify and subscription.

Fabio D. said...

Thanks! Listening right now, a real treat.

Fabio D. said...

I love you too and I want send you all a good underrated song

Anonymous said...

I love the variety, Bill, though I couldn't listen to everything due to 'rights' issues for my country.

Sal, just in case you haven't heard the Toys' version of "Can't Get Enough of You Baby" from 1966:

Bill said...

Thanks for letting me be the test case for your Spotify sharing experiment, Sal. Hope everyone who spun it had a good listen.

I've been thinking about Spotify lately, and worrying, per Marie's comment above, that we may some day end up having a fractured streaming scene, similar to what's going on in video. I'm hoping that we won't have to subscribe to a Sony streaming service and Universal streaming service and so on. My fingers are crossed, but the cynic in me says otherwise.

Looking forward to hearing the next playlist in this series!