Sunday, February 9, 2020

Songs Of The Week, 2020: 2/1-2/7

Run Through The Jungle- Creedence Clearwater Revival
Saving Grace- Tom Petty
Big Man In Town- The Four Seasons
All I Needed Was You- Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes
Both Belong- The Grays
Coney Island- Van Morrison
When Love Goes To Sleep- Squeeze


Run Through The Jungle- CCR
No recollection as to why I felt like hearing this track, but it's as good of an opener as any.

Saving Grace- Tom Petty
I know many are down on Jeff Lynne as a producer, but I absolutely love Jeff and Petty together.

Big Man In Town- The Four Seasons/ All I Needed Was You- Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes
I was listening to "Better Days," a really fantastic reunion record of sorts from Southside Johnny. Co-written and produced by Steven Van Zandt, with members of the E Street Band, and Bruce too, this track absolutely slays me! It also hit me that it's a bit of a rewrite and update of the Four Seasons hit "Big Man In Town." At least that's what I'm hearing. Here are both.  Excellent tunes, even if you don't hear the similarity.

Both Belong- The Grays
Jason Falkner and Jon Brion equal The Grays. One brilliant album, destined for greatness, lost forever. Would love to see a nice deluxe vinyl package. This track is without question, my fave on the album. "I can't be the only one, who's in line for some sunshine!"

Coney Island- Van Morrison
I like to think Van is talking about Brooklyn. But he isn't. It's all about Inishmulclohy in County Sligo Ireland. Doesn't matter. This one kills me. Truly beautiful.

When Love Goes To Sleep- Squeeze
First heard this one on Billy Bremner's solo album. The Squeeze version ended up as a "Sweets From A Stranger" b-side.



I'm one of those knee-jerk "I don't like Jeff Lynne" jerks but I spent yesterday listening to From Out Of Nowhere. Nice :-)

Nice mix Sal -- thanks

Anonymous said...

Sal, in the next week or so, I'm probably going to take my blog "private." If you have any interest in the stuff I've been posting and would like an invite, don't hesitate to leave your email in a comment. (I moderate them, so don't worry it won't be published.)

Thanks so much for the intro to Van Morrison's 'Coney Island.'

P.S. I really enjoy scrolling through your 'Now Playing' posts.

Troy said...

Great mix this week! Love the Petty, SSJ, and Van tracks! Highway Companion is one of my favorite Petty albums, I love Better Days, and Avalon Sunset is a masterpiece. The CCR and Squeeze songs are terrific too.

cmealha said...

The big find for me is "All I Needed Was You" which seems to escaped me all these years. What an absolutely terrific record.

heartsofstone said...

Great mix - the Squeeze track is awesome

Anonymous said...

Re: When Loves Goes To Sleep

That Bremner solo lp is killer, innit?


Bulletins From Mars Hill said...

The Coney Island that Van is singing about is in County Down, not County Sligo. It's a thin place (as the ancients termed it) where heaven and earth are very close.

Sal Nunziato said...

I did a quick Google search of Coney in Ireland, did not realzie there are more than one. Thatnks for the clarification.