Sunday, March 1, 2020

Songs Of The Week, 2020: 2/22-2/28

Take'Em As They Come- Bruce Springsteen
You Touched Me Too- David Johansen
I Could Spend The Day- The Zombies
I Know An Ending When It Comes- Merle Haggard
Cosmic Dancer- T. Rex
Lonely Boy- Andrew Gold
On Track- Tame Impala


Take'Em As They Come- Bruce Springsteen
I found unused tickets from a 2003 Bruce show at Shea Stadium. I went to all three nights and couldn't understand why I had 4 unused tickets. I finally figured it out...a story for another time...but while doing so, thought of this "River" outtake, which I swore he opened with one of the nights. But alas, he did not. So I am opening with it.

You Touched Me Too- David Johansen
This was a leftover from my Mick Ronson post on 2/14. Listened to "In Style," a great DavidJo album produced by Mick and this one stood out.

I Could Spend The Day-The Zombies
The Zombies have more amazing songs that were left in the can than most bands have in a twenty five year career.

I Know An Ending When It Comes- Merle Haggard
Just one of 300 great tracks from Bear Family's 10 CD "Bakersfield" box. This one popped up on the iPod.

Cosmic Dancer- T. Rex
I was reminded of this gem when my friend's daughter played it on her college radio show a few weeks ago.

Lonely Boy- Andrew Gold
Never gets old. And sleigh bells, too!

On Track- Tame Impala
I've been trying to like this guy since Todd Rundgren gave him a thumbs up, but it mostly just comes and goes...until this one off the new one. I quite like this one. This one came and stayed.



Very nice -- Thanks!

Have not listened to David Johansen in a long time. Just great!

I mentioned to Sal offline that I enjoyed a tweet from Marc Maron about Tame Impala. Marc claims the new album "sounds like if you took everything that's been played on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic for the last decade and mashed it into one record."

I still can't figure out if that is a compliment or a dis but the tweet made me smile.

cmealha said...

Glad you included Tame Impala. I've been so, so on them but after the first run-through of the new album I'm liking him more that I have.

Anonymous said...

Sal, how does In Style compare to Johansen's next, Here Comes The Night (if you've heard it?) Reading your post made me look to see if I had any of David's stuff and 'Night' is all I have (although can't remember hearing it before).


Sal Nunziato said...

I absolutely love "In Style." I think it's his most consistent. "Here Comes The Night" is a good record, but I prefer the first two.

Honest Ed said...

Springsteen did open some shows on the reunion tour with Take Em.

Absolutely love that track.

heartsofstone said...

Thanks so much. Really miss Mick Ronson.