Friday, April 17, 2020


Born On The Bayou- Little Richard
Baby Don't You Do It- Marvin Gaye
Back N Blue- Cheap Trick
Bat Macumba- Os Mutantes
Back In My Arms Again- The Supremes
Back In Your Arms- Bruce Springsteen
Bad Apples- Royal Fingerbowl
Beaten To The Punch- Elvis Costello
Begin The Beguine- Pete Townshend
Bessie Smith- The Band
Black Country Woman- Led Zeppelin
Black Eyed Susan- Paul Westerberg
Blessed- Wycliffe Gordon
Blue- Jeff Lynne
Blues For Baby & Me- Elton John
Boys- The Shirelles
Bring Back That Leroy Brown- Queen
Bus Stop- Fountains Of Wayne
Bust A Move (Instrumental)- Young MC
Both Sides Now- Jason Falkner


And a new Dylan tune.


kevin m said...

Hi Sal - You may want to add Born to be Blue by Trigger Hippy to this list

cmealha said...

I'm waiting for X and Z!

pmac said...

Ah - Royal Fingerbowl! Alex McMurray first band (that he fronted). They regrouped and recorded a live album a few years ago, but Alex didn't like it and it was permanently shelved. He did just release a new solo album, and its fantastic!


Fun Mix! Thanks Sal.

What are we to make of Mister Dylan? :-)

Christine said...

Loved "A" and "B"--you really outdid yourself! Thank you for keeping us in the music, and for all your time and effort during this crazy time.

"I Contain Multitudes" what an amazing song! Be still my heart!

FD13NYC said...

Another good one Sal! Great work, keep 'em coming.

dogbreath said...

Thanks for the mix. Loving the choices & loving the (almost) alphabetized listing. Cheers!

kodak ghost said...

Im still listening/digesting/enjoying "A"...! Many thanks