Friday, April 24, 2020


I'm getting fancy. I decided to sequence this one.



C30 C60 C90 Go- Bow Wow Wow
Can't Buy My Love- Barbara Lynn
Club Nitty Gritty- Chuck Berry
Cry For A Shadow- The Beatles
Cavegirl- Andy Partridge
Castro Halloween- Chuck Prophet
Cat Food- King Crimson
Cecilia- NRBQ
Candy & A Currant Bun- Pink Floyd
Come On Up- The Young Rascals
Call My Name- Starclub
Cindy Lou- CC Adcock
Coma Girl- Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
Cry Cry Cry- Johnny Cash
Couldn't I Just Tell You- Joe Jackson
Cryin' Time Again- Buck Owens
Cha Dooky Doo- Art Neville
Call Me Animal- The MC5
Carmelita- Warren Zevon
Color Of A Cloudy Day- Shelby Lynne & Alison Moorer
Come As You Are- Charlie Hunter Trio
Carey- Joni Mitchell
Crying In The Streets- George Perkins
Cycles- Frank Sinatra


And for those who might have an interest...

Check out today's schedule!

My picks:
Snooks Eaglin
Astral Project
Little Queenie
Miss Irma Thomas



Very Nice!

There are a couple of songs -- Coma Girl, Colour Of A Cloudy Day -- that strike a very special chord in my life.

And, of course, ... IRMA THOMAS!

Have a great weekend all. Wash your hands, wear your masks, and be well.

Chris Collins said...

Fancy indeed! thanks for this.

kodak ghost said...

Thanks for the link to WWOZ. Now just trying to get international timeline in place.

dogbreath said...

Nicely done, sir. Not just me listening to Bow Wow Wow this weekend, then? Think I was influenced by all the doggy videos on the net at the moment. And not many mixes start with Annabella Lwin & co and end with Ol' Blue Eyes himself. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Coma Girl is one of my favorites.

However, the highlight of the C mix is:
The Joe Jackson Band performing Couldn't I Just Tell You
I had not heard this version before today.

Thanks for the tunes!

M_Sharp said...

Thanks! I enjoyed the first two.

heartsofstone said...

Another great one