Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Look Out, Lucinda Is Back!

There is a new Lucinda Williams record out. It's called "Good Souls Better Angels." I got to spend some real time with it yesterday.

I'm still shaking.

"Good Souls Better Angels" is the "Plastic Ono Band," "Raw Power" and "Blood On The Tracks" all wrapped in one naked, nasty and ferocious piece of work.

In related news, I was also listening to some Sandy Denny acoustic demos and the liner notes included comments from Linda Thompson, who pointed out more than once, how Denny was always more brilliant when the red light in the studio wasn't on. I mention this because what appealed to me while listening to "Good Souls Better Angels," aside from how relentless it felt, was how it all sounded like it was unfolding in real time, which made the record so much more intense.

I want to go back and do it all over again, but I'm not sure I'm ready. "Good Souls Better Angels" is Lu's best since "Essence."



I've been living with this record in my head these past few days. Wow!

hpunch said...

I just got it yesterday. Didn't listen yet. You did the opposite of pre-ruinging.. Thank you..

Mr. Baez said...

This is one intense listen. I listened to it on Sunday while trying to put in this season's vegetable garden. It was a futile attempt at sowing. I was just enthralled by what I was listening to. You're on point there about the unraveling in real time. It did feel very immediate. I haven't re-listened yet. It was an unsettling experience, similarly to how I felt when I first listened to Rickie Lee Jones' Pirates album.

Christine said...

I can see why you needed a minute after hearing this! ;)

Anonymous said...

First listened a few days ago - it's a great raw recording. Will give it a full listen on my hi-fi instead of the computer speakers to get the full intensity. I expect it will be on rotation for a long while.

- Paul

heartsofstone said...

I think this is an awesome disc. About time Lucinda recorded music that would be at home at CBGBs.