Thursday, April 23, 2020

Not Bad For A Thursday

Today's revelation:
Paul McCartney's "Save Us" sounds a lot like "Alice's House" by The Psychedelic Furs.

And there's this....courtesy of Jeff K.

And this...

This popped up on the iPod last week or so, an alternate version of the ELO smash "Telephone Line." I didn't even know I had it. Something about it knocked me out. It's almost under produced, at least by Jeff Lynne standards. The lead vocal seems pure, as do the harmonies.

And that's what I got on a Thursday.

Don't forget to check your dials for Day One of "Jazz Festing In Place 2020." Today's lineup looks terrific. Click to pic to enlarge.


J. Loslo said...

Hearing that Ramones cover has justified my getting out of bed this morning. Thank you.

Bill said...

That's a pretty good Thursday.

I think I may have mentioned this before, but Steve Nieve has been doing a 30-minute Daily Improvisation on his Facebook page, They're very intimate performances and a nice respite from the rest of the day--Costello tunes, lots of covers, some of his own songs. I highly recommend to anyone, even if they're not big Costello fans.

Today was a special focus on Talk Talk. Coming up on the 26th is a Squeeze Special.

Everything's archived on his Facebook page. Check it out.

FD13NYC said...

That ELO alternate is great!!