Friday, November 20, 2020

The Battle Of Daily Battles


I watched "Motherless Brooklyn" last night. I really enjoyed the book and as it turned out, I really enjoyed the movie.

When it was it over I realized that I had stopped twice to "Shazam" the music playing. It ended up being the same song, "Daily Battles" each time. 

The first was a beautiful and haunting vocal that I could not place, but it was getting to me, so I needed to know. The answer is Thom Yorke & Flea. I guess I might have figured out it was Yorke's voice if I was paying more attention to the music and not the film.

Then, another beautiful and haunting piece of music stood out from the jazz standard soundtrack.
Again "Daily Battles," this time by Wynton Marsalis.

It really isn't a battle of which is better. I think both are gorgeous. I just woke up thinking of this music and was fascinated by how the melody stopped me twice in the same film.



Anonymous said...

Wynton's version is lovely with solid playing by all, but that's not a big surprise. The playing on the Yorke/Flea version is fine, but I'm not a big fan of falsetto vocals, so the song doesn't grab me. Thom Yorke's voice is mostly why I never got into Radiohead. The Prince songs I like are almost exclusively the ones without falsetto.

- Paul in DK

deathandtaxes said...

Watched film a few weeks ago and like yourself had to get the track. Never been a jazz or radiohead fan but the song and movie music grabbed me. need to track down the book. Cheers