Monday, December 21, 2020





Christmas came a little early this year...for me. And maybe some of you, too.

(h/t B.T.)

I love when stuff like this turns up.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is just too cool!

I was beginning to wonder why the other three were there until Keith was asked to play the D.J.

Of course you love this Sal, it's all about Sell Out!


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Townshend is such an interesting thinker because he sure can ramble on and on. I'll read or listen to anything he has to say but there sure is a lot of it!

Happy Holidays gang!

Captain Al

Tumblingdice70 said...

That is fantastic! I think if there would have been a pizza on the desk Entwistle would have slowly picked it off piece by piece while Townshend charmingly talked in circles.

Great stuff on a Monday!


Mr Modernist said...

Read about it, couldn't find it. Leave it to Sal. Thanks a lot, a lot!

Merry Christmas;
Mike in StL