Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Feel Flows



This is an odd Tuesday post, but I like it and I don't have much else.

I mentioned yesterday how I thought "Casablanca" and "The Who Sell Out" had something in common. I also mentioned a few days earlier that I keep folders of music with songs that I hope will serve a future purpose.

I completed this Spotify playlist after starting an iTunes playlist years ago. The impetus behind the completion were two songs--"Vitamin C" by Can, which my bud Sal Maida played on his Spin Cycle Radio Show on Sunday and "Sly's "Somebody's Watching You" from the "Stand" record which I listened to last week. There was something about the Sly tune, not sure what exactly, possibly just a vibe, that reminded me of the outtake of "I'm Looking Through You" from the Beatles Anthology. The groove of the Can track took me to "Away Away" by The Rascals.

When all was said and done, I had about an hour's worth of songs that I felt flowed from one to the next, hence the title, "Feel Flows." Led Zeppelin into The Beach Boys? You'll be surprised by just how well it works. I guess that's the point.

Hey, it's music and there are worse things we can all be doing.

I hope ya dig it and maybe hear what I'm hearing. If so, and you have any suggestions, maybe a song on this playlist that reminded you of something else, I can always insert and edit. This may become a two hour BW joint effort.



heartsofstone said...

This is an awesome mix. I am thinking David Bowie DJ and any number of Primus tracks might work well on the end.

daudder said...

Feel flows by The Charlatans. What a great choice from a wildly underrated (in the US) band.

A Walk In The Woods said...

Man, what a Beth Orton song! Every time I hear her, I think to myselves, why ain't she as popular as, say, a Phoebe Bridgers or a Billie Eilish? I guess she (Beth) ain't "cool" and isn't quite dour/subdued enough, or whatever people love about Phoebe/Billie.

Anyway - sorry to do a reverse compliment, because for all who love Phoebe Bridgers, more power to ye - but I'm reminded by the first tune how I'll take Beth over the lot o' Phoebes and Billies and etc.

ken49 said...

Great mix, especially enjoy the Sly Stone thru Led Zeppelin. Still enjoying the best of the year mix also. The Hot Rats are great and Lemon Twigs I love when I hear a song on a mixed tape like this but haven't warmed to their albums yet.