Thursday, January 28, 2021

New Music From An Old Pal




The following is true. No names have been changed, but all involved might have different memories. These are my memories and I stand by them. Besides, most involved never read Burning Wood.


Many moons ago, in any one of many soundproofed garages in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, a number of us would pick up our respective instruments and try to bash out listenable versions of our favorite songs. Occasionally, we'd pick up someone else's instrument, just for the hell of it. And once in a while, that chance meeting of teenager and instrument would take, as was the case with my friend Sal Iuvara and my cousin Al's bass.

One band was Mike, Al and me.
Another? Mike, Bob,  Marco and Ziggy.
Then, Sal, Marco and Moey.
And, Me, Al, Marco and Fran.
Fran, Sal, Marco and Moey.
Bob, me, Al and Mike.
Mike, Joe and Sal. 

You get the picture?

Many of us are still banging away, including one of my oldest and best pals, the other Sal. 

Sal Iuvara is one of the best bass players I have ever had the pleasure of keeping time with and in a pre-pandemic world, we'd still find a Sunday here and there to make some music.

This is a brand new track from Mr. Iuvara and I am beyond proud to share it here.

In a perfect world, this is all over rock radio. This is how you make a record.

Nice job, pally.


Unknown said...

class song

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great sound/production.

Very impressive - good job, other Sal!


Whattawino said...

Are you SURE this isn’t on the radio? Sounds great!

Keith35 said...

That was really great! I get a Steven Wilson/Blackfield vibe

hpunch said...

Nice tune. How many great bass players named Sal do you know?

FD13NYC said...

Great job, two thumbs up! A pleasurable song, please tell Sal I said so.

Terryfh said...

Great song and lyrics very relevant in these troubled times.
Keep up the good work

saleshido said...

Hi everyone... This is the other Sal. Thank you Sal for sharing my video and thank you all for the wonderful comments

drstu said...

I dont usually say too much on this blog , but this sounded so fine I had to say so!! Long live all the Sals!!!

Anonymous said...

That's a swell number.


saleshido said...

Thank you... That’s very kind of you