Thursday, March 4, 2021

Calm Down Cologne


I had a mini-obsession with Garage A Trois from 2003-2005. The band featuring jazz/funk guitar genius Charlie Hunter, saxophone mad man Skerik, and New Orleans drummer extraordinaire Stanton Moore released their full length debut "Emphasizer" in '03, with the addition of Mike Dillon on percussion and it quickly became my favorite record of the year. It was everything I was hoping the record would sound like. It was funky and strange. Clever, melodic. Nasty. And it even rocked, once in awhile.

GAT's live performances were something to behold. You needed your own multi-cam views and close-ups to help distinguish where all that music was coming from. There was Charlie's guitar sounding like an organ, bass guitar and electric guitar all at once. Skerik's treated horn sounding like any number of things, only occasionally a saxophone! And Stanton Moore, whose impossible attack on the kit continues to make my jaw drop.

Now, the original trio is back!

Garage A Trois have a new record ready, "Calm Down Cologne," to be released on the Royal Potato label on 4/16. The first single is the title track and it is 2:30 of pure smoke.

You can preorder a fancy colored vinyl edition at the links below.

Pre-Order On
Limited Edition Blue & Red 3D Splatter Color Vinyl
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And if you want to get acquainted with these badasses, strap yourself in and check out "Emphasizer." I'll get you started.




Anonymous said...

What a tasty and unexpected treat! Thanks for the heads up.

I've been a big fan of Charlie Hunter since the 90's when I'd see him perform at The Elbo Room in San Francisco. He gets a huge range of sounds out of that 8-string guitar (bass strings played mainly with left his thumb). Saw Skerik once with Tuatara during the same period. Haven't had the privilege of seeing Stanton Moore play, but hope to rectify that, given the chance.

- Paul in DK

A Walk In The Woods said...

Right on! I got to see Garage A Trois several times at JazzFest and once in a club there in N'Awlins. Such a great band. Thanks for the heads up about this new record. I remember when you wrote about the new Stanton Moore record "Conversations" in 2014 - I bought it based on your reco and still enjoy it.