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If you haven't heard the news, 50 rare Rolling Stones tracks have mysteriously dropped from out of somewhere. Songs dating as far back as the Brian Jones era all the way up to 1993, many unheard by even the most staunch Stones supporters, are now pressed onto a very limited 3 CD set in outstanding quality. And as far I can tell, an outtake of "You Got Me Rockin'" is nowhere to be seen. But, what is considered a holy grail, the original 1973 version of "It's Only Rock 'N' Roll" featuring both Ronnie Wood before he joined the band and David Bowie is included.

The full track list is below. Once I make it through it all, I'll report on the highs and lows.




1-1 Nobody’s Perfect (1975) 4:02
1-2 Trouble’s A Coming (1972) 4:41
1-3 Dreams To Remember (1983) 7:43
1-4 Don’t Lie To Me (1972) 2:08
1-5 Fiji Jim (1978) 3:38
1-6 Eliza Upchink (1983) 4:47
1-7 Deep Love (1985) 3:45
1-8 She’s Doing Her Thing (1967) 3:02
1-9 Putty In Your Hands (1982) 3:07
1-10 Dog Shit (1983) 6:05
1-11 20 Nil (1991) 5:43
1-12 Tell Her Now It Is (1971) 4:05
1-13 (You Better) Stop That (1983) 2:46
1-14 Scarlet (1975) 3:35
1-15 Walk With Me Wendy (1974) 4:02
1-16 Never Make You Cry (1977) 4:27
1-17 Part Of The Night (1976) 5:37
1-18 Low Down 8Vocal Keith Richards 1997) 5:02
2-1 It’s A Lie (1978) 4:19
2-2 I Can’t See No One Else (1985) 5:05
2-3 Not The Way To Go (1977) 3:39
2-4 Giving It Up (1989) 4:14
2-5 Hands Off (1986) 3:34
2-6 Guilt That Way (1984) 4:40
2-7 Keep It Cool (1982) 5:24
2-8 Can’t Find Love (1983) 7:22
2-9 You Win Again (1977) 3:23
2-10 Blood Red Wine (1968) 5:14
2-11 Fast Talking Slow Walking (1972) 5:49
2-12 Cooking Up (1983) 4:11
2-13 Every Time I Break Her Heart (1977) 7:05
2-14 Dream About (1992) 5:03
2-15 Flip The Switch (Vocal Keith Richards 1998) 4:33
3-1 Sanctuary (1994) 4:54
3-2 Desperate Man (1973) 6:11
3-3 Praire Love (1993) 5:20
3-4 Living In The Heart Of Love (1974) 3:27
3-5 Still In Love With You (1982) 4:25
3-6 I Tried To Talk Her Into It (1982) 4:43
3-7 Might As Well Get Juiced (1998) 7:12
3-8 Too Many Cooks (1973) 4:50
3-9 Curtis Meets Smokey (1966) 4:15
3-10 Covered In Bruises (Vocal Ronnie Wood – Mick Jagger 1981) 4:49
3-11 My League (1994) 4:54
3-12 Too Tight (Vocal Keith Richards 1998) 4:30
3-13 Criss Cross (1972) 3:40
3-14 Strictly Memphis (1985) 3:30
3-15 It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It) (1973) 4:41
3-16 Studio Jamm Session (Studio Cuillaume Tell, Suresnes near Paris, May 2002) 3:04
3-17 Studio Jamm Session (Studio Cuillaume Tell, Suresnes near Paris, May 2002) 3:01


kevin m said...

Wow - I was not aware of this. Do I have to go down some Q Anon black hole to get a copy?

Anonymous said...

First impression is that the sound quality is excellent. The item I downloaded suggests it is a Japan fan-club release, but that could be wrong, not that it matters. Will continue listening. Very happy so far.

- Paul in DK

HenkP said...

Try this: https://workupload.com/file/cnsFfXU8QGE OR this: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/5dae8e1116aca02d93c8af32f957590d20210303144412/380ff8 . This latter upload is from March 3rd, WeTransfer links are known to be deleted after one week, so better be quick getting this one. It all started at https://iorr.org/talk/read.php?1,2805685

Good luck,


M_Sharp said...

Thanks, HP! 22 hours to go on the WeTransfer link.

andycher said...

Fully finished is a bit of an exaggeration

Sal Nunziato said...

Maybe the lyrics to "Not The Way To Go" really are "Manna sanna wanna haaana gannna fannna mana mana not the way to go."

dogbreath said...

Plenty to dive into, indispensable or not. Many thanks for supplying the lyrics to "Not the Way To Go" which I used with a pointy stick thing to sing along with. And am I the only one who's disappointed there isn't an outtake, fully finished or not, of "You Got Me Rockin"? (Probably - Ed). Cheers!

hpunch said...

Where can one order this?

Anonymous said...


Bring this album up for discussion again in about a month when we have all had time to locate it and have had time to listen and absorb it! There is close to four hours there it listen to.

Captain Al

Anonymous said...


Don't tell them I sent you...

Bob Mac said...

Thanks for this.

A Walk In The Woods said...

Wow, thanks for the heads up, and for the links by kind commenters above!

Anonymous said...

A mi me parece grandioso,llevo horas con el. gracias Burning Wood

A Walk In The Woods said...

OK, I've listened to it and have a clear #1 favorite out of all of them. There's some unfinished shoddiness in there, but a LOT of gems too.

I'll wait to tell my fave 'til you give your report Sal - curious what yours will be

Anonymous said...

Hello all...no, please remain seated,

To my tastes, You Got Me Rocking was Mick's failure with the lyrics. I like the music underneath.


Chris Collins said...

I had NOT heard about this until now!!! I'm so excited about this!

Michael Giltz said...

I always enjoy "Hello all...no, please remain seated." Kills me every time. I'm a sucker for repetition I guess. is this a bootleg or one of those legal obligation releases where they must be it out commercially to maintain copyright and thus put out some super limited edition release in outer Bavaria and then it disappears again?