Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Nu Two



I decided to address yesterday's suggestions in a new post, rather than in the comments box. I like where this is headed and hope this will keep the discussion going.

I enjoy King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard in small doses, though I've never found one record that didn't wear on me by the end. Is this new one particularly special?

On paper, The Legal Matters should be in my Top Ten. But I found it lacking. Some lovely harmonies and a hook or two, but when all was said and done, I had forgotten what I just listened to. 

I did really enjoy the Charles Lloyd record, "Tone Poem." That is a strong contender.

As for Van Morrison and his latest album project, it wouldn't be the first time I wasn't excited by a new Van release. But this time around, I have zero interest. I don't care if every song was a musical equivalent of "Into the Mystic" and "Listen To The Lion." The lyrics pulled for the various horrible reviews is enough to simply not bother. We've given up on artists for a lot less. Bruce's wonderful "Western Stars" comes to mind, as does most of McCartney's solo work. Even Dylan's "Rough & Rowdy Ways" received some trashy remarks. It has been over a year since I deleted my Facebook account, but I cannot take a song called "Why Are You On Facebook" seriously unless it was on an Allan Sherman record.

Airport 77 is a great band name. That alone makes me want to give it a spin.

I too, am looking forward to St. Vincent, and of course, the Paul Weller. 

As for Crowded House, yes it's preordered. Yes, I love Neil Finn. Yes, I've loved Crowded House since their debut in 1986. But the vibe of their records changed once they lost Paul Hester. Neil Finn's writing changed and both "Intriguer" and "Time On Earth," while having a few moments here and there, ultimately did nothing for me. So, this new one is more of an obligation, rather than something I am looking forward to.

Long time readers must know by now, I am not a Teenage Fanclub fan, yet I always give their records a chance because so many of you adore the band. I'll do the same with "Endless Arcade," but I expect little. Maybe that's a good thing.

First up though, "Duly Noted" from TUNS and I'll tell you why below.

I might come across as a bit of a dick by saying this, but it wouldn't be the first time. The reason I asked  to "pick one please...just one" was because I wanted to get excited about listening, something I haven't been with most of 2021's releases, so far. 

HPUNCH says, "If the year ended today, it would be Duly Noted by TUNS" and that seems more encouraging. That's what I wanted. LISTEN TO THIS!

"Having to give something another listen" is exactly what I don't want to happen. When both the Cheap Trick and Southern Culture records were through, I knew! I went right back and started all over.

It's not a good sign when a record from 2019 is on the best of 2021 list. (By the way, I do love that Luther Russell record.)

There are many suggestions here, a few I know I won't bother with just because I know the artists and know I am not a fan.

But I will dig in to the few that sound intriguing.

Please keep them coming...one at a time.

And make that ONE count.

Thanks for playing.


Anonymous said...

The one I've played the most of the 2021 releases I have is Cha Wa – My People

- Paul in DK

heartsofstone said...

I will add Israel Nash - Topaz to the 2021 thus far list

Stu said...

A Van fan forever, agree with you 100%. At some point I guess you just sort of quietly and gently, and regretfully, close the door...And I agree big time with the Cha Wa boost!

Anonymous said...

Have you heard Finn's Motel (not those Finns)? they have hooks with a little lagniappe. https://finnsmotel.bandcamp.com/track/fireworks-or-lightning-single

Shriner said...

I replayed The Airport 77s album/EP this morning after recommending it to make sure I wasn't underselling it and I was: It's funny, it rocks, it's unabashedly 1979 Power Pop and has a cover of "Girl of My Dreams". It woke me right up and put me in a great mood.

It reminded me of the first time I put on "Get The Knack" to be honest.

Something else is going to have to be *great* to knock it off my #1 spot for 2021. Listen to it! :-)

Keith35 said...

The Antlers Green to Gold is a pretty good record.

Sal Nunziato said...

I read about Finn's Motel over at our pal ASH's place and liked the tracks he highlighted. Looking forward to a proper, full length drive.

Just listened to the entire Airport 77s. It's everything you said. Good record, though maybe I'm not quite in love with it like you are. Solid for sure, but maybe a bit too cute with the lyrics for my taste.

Ramone666 said...

Guess you'll probably like Songs From Another Life by The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness. Name screams Feelies of course, but it reminded me more of early dB's. Not that good mind.

Unknown said...

dry cleaning - new long leg is really good. but not sure if its your cup of ..... coffee!
I thought the king gizzard was good all the way through.
i know I have played it a few times through.

Anonymous said...

Check out Todd Snider's First Agnostic Chirch of Hope and Wonder.

jonder said...

The new Flock Of Dimes is lovely, but maybe you're not a Wye Oak fan. I dig the TV Priest album, but I like almost anything that reminds me of Mark E. Smith. Van Morrissey is just sad.

So I'm going with Valerie June, who reaches for "The Moon And Stars" with her new album. It incorporates modern touches (like drum programming) as well as lush orchestration. If you're an old fan who's worried that she's changed, the deep soul of "Call Me A Fool" will reassure you that it's the same Valerie June, both cosmic and earthy.

Mr. Baez said...

I'm really liking "Serpent's Tears" by Richard Thompson. And I really dug the David Lynch video for Donovan's I Am The Shaman." Dreamy+nightmarish, Lovely+creepy.

Anonymous said...

I’m enjoying Alex Chilton Live on Beale Street.

Whattawino said...

The Armoires - Incognito has just recently fallen upon my ears and I am loving it!

warsrutted said...

The Tisburys- Sun Goes Down. Came out last year but only caught it now. Philiy powerpop.

elroy said...

The one I am looking forward to is the new Del Amitri, Fatal Mistakes, out at the end of the month.

M_Sharp said...

I'm way late, but I'm looking forward to new albums by Yola and the Hoodoo Gurus, who just released a good single and will be here in September-November, if all goes well.

Anonymous said...

A couple of albums on my Friday night jaunts through Bandcamp have gotten me through the pandemic:

Cassandra Jenkins: An Overview on Phenomenal Nature. (NY artist, excellent guitarwork and arrangements, a bit of everything at work within her songs, really well done.)

Adult Books: Grecian Urn (Has a great 1980s vibe that I love).

Chris Forsyth: Rare Dreams Solar Live 2.27.18. A vinyl release from this Philly guitarist and his Solar Motel band. (2 NY covers on it, guitar/bass/drums, great live band)

Spiral Wave Nomads: First encounters (guitar/drums, improvisation but well done, vinyl)

Sea Salt: Black it Out. (A bit of the 1980s and dreamy soundscapes, vinyl)

Michael D.

Anonymous said...

Rival Sons - "Feral Roots" or "Head Down" albums