Friday, May 14, 2021

This Week's Hits



I really had a blast listening to all of your new music suggestions. I wasn't as excited by everything as much you were while suggesting it. But I dug most of it, and of the first seven records I listened to, I only gave up on one about four songs in. 

A couple of real highlights for me include this wonderful track by The Debtors.



And this terrific opener from The Airport 77s.



But the real winners for me were Morgan Wade's absolutely powerful "Reckless." Holy moly! This record is everything I want that I so rarely get these days. Real songs, amazing choruses, and smart playing. It's a cut above the usual country rock record as the songs rarely seem to blend into each other, thanks to a strong pop sensibility in the melodies. One favorite is the opener, "Wilder Days" up top and "Mend," right here below.



The other killer comes from New Orleans. 

I was going to get around to Cha Wa's new one, "My People" at some point, so thanks for the nudge.  Seeing Mardi Gras Indians perform live is a far more intense experience than listening to them on record. You need to be Bo Dollis, The Wild Tchoupitoulas or The Wild Magnolias to pull it off on record, and Cha Wa does just that. I can never explain in words, however hard I try, the feeling of being in New Orleans, not just during festival time, but anytime at all. "My People" plays that feeling. After just two drives, I knew this would go down as a go-to New Orleans record. It's serious shit!

Kickstart your weekend with these two tracks from "My People" below.

Thanks everyone for offering up your favorites. I'm digging them and I look forward to checking out another round this week,


Shriner said...

Yay for the Airport 77 shout out. It's a killer opening track. :-)

pmac said...

Wow! Thanks for bringing a smaile to my face re your endorsement of my son's band, The Debtors!

Anonymous said...

Had a feeling that Cha Wa was gonna hit the spot for you, Sal. I've been playing My People a lot, as well as their previous album, Spyboy. Now to check out the others which are all new to me.

- Paul in DK

Anonymous said...

If you like the Morgan Wade, give Sadler Vaden a listen. He produced Morgan's album and is the guitarist in Jason Isbell's 400 Unit.

- Paul in DK

Sal Nunziato said...

@Paul in DK
I've listened to the Sadler Vaden a few times. I liked some of it. But it didn't kill me the way Morgan Wade did.

kevin m said...

The only reason I checked out Morgan Wade was because Sadler produced it. Was not expecting it to be that good. A wonderful surprise.