Wednesday, September 15, 2021




There is a two hour documentary running on Showtime called "Bitchin': The Sound & Fury Of Rick James." I learned a number of things from this wild and interesting film, but my two biggest takeaways were a) Rick James music was a lot better than the gimmick and glitz portrayed in those MTV videos and b) The Mynah Birds, the Toronto band that featured James and both Neil Young and Bruce Palmer cut some terrific singles for Motown.

If you have an opportunity to check out "Bitchin'" I think you should. I expected nothing and didn't regret the two hours one bit. And check out these two Mynah Birds tracks, which to my ears, actually sound like Buffalo Springfield rockers getting a Motown makeover.


FD13NYC said...

Been meaning to check this out, now I will.

Whattawino said...

Cool! These Mynah Birds do seem to have some Buffalo wings on them! Thanks for these tunes!

hpunch said...

I was also pleasantly surprised by the documentary. I also want to hear the Mary Jane Girls albums now. You need to see the two Rick James episodes of Mike Judge's Tales From The Tour Bus. Just as good, if not better, than the movie.