Thursday, October 6, 2022

black midi

 Late start today. Sorry about that.

I'm not a fan of legacy acts. There's an old saying that you get your whole life to write your first album, and six months for your second. Most artists have something to say, and once said, it's just more of the same, but not as fresh. Maybe wiser, and deeper, but often not so much.

The really good ones manage to reinvent themselves, thereby retaining attributes of freshness. I'm thinking of David Bowie, of course, and Miles Davis.

That's why I'm always looking for something new, and how black midi found me. I think their sound is exciting, unique, and pushes on my boundaries of what music is supposed to sound like. It's noisier and more aggressive than I usually enjoy, but with vocals mostly crooned, keeps me engaged. That I hear some "Lizard" era King Crimson is as close as I can come to comparing them to anyone. 

Formed in 2017, their latest, "Hellfire", released on July 15, is a tour de force, and their best so far. 

"Welcome to Hell"

"John L" From "Cavalcade" 2021

The video that really got my attention was this live studio performance from 2021. It's thrilling to see these young musicians have so much fun making joyous musical noise.

I have a ticket to see them October 22 at the Asbury Lanes.




Thanks for this. The KEXP show is especially good. Nice to hear a current group digging into the old NYC no-wave sound. Enjoying it a great deal.

Michael Giltz said...

The lead singer's voice made me think they were Dutch or something! And now they're a trio? I will check them out.