Tuesday, December 6, 2022

My Favorite Records Of The Year...

Elvis Costello- My Aim Is True
The Clash- S/T
David Bowie- Low
Television- Marquee Moon
Steely Dan- Aja
Fleetwood Mac- Rumours
Sex Pistols- Never Mind The Bollocks
Pete Townshend/Ronnie Lane- Rough Mix
The Damned- Damned Damned Damned
Bob Marley & The Wailers- Exodus
The Dead Boys- Young, Loud & Snotty
Heartbreakers- L.A.M.F.
Iggy Pop- The Idiot
Pink Floyd- Animals
Ultravox- S/T
The Congos- Heart of The Congos
David Bowie- Heroes
Cheap Trick- S/T
Culture- Two Sevens Clash
Meat Loaf- Bat Out Of Hell
Talking Heads -'77
Brian Eno- Before & After Science
The Stranglers- Rattus Norvegicus
The Jam- In The City
Wire- Pink Flag
Queen- News Of The World
Saturday Night Fever- O.S.T.
Rush- A Farewell To Kings
ELO- Out Of The Blue
Peter Gabriel- S/T
Peter Tosh- Equal Rights
Ramones- Rocket To Russia
Billy Joel- The Stranger
Tom Waits- Foreign Affairs
Graham Parker & The Rumour- Stick To Me
Utopia- Oops Wrong Planet
Thin Lizzy- Bad Reputation
Bryan Ferry- In Your Mind
Iggy Pop- Lust For Life
Junior Murvin- Police & Thieves
Weather Report- Heavy Weather


I'll get back to you when I find 10 from 2022.


Anonymous said...

Wow. 77 was a pretty good year. I'm sure you'll find some similar gems in the 2022 pile.



Jobe said...

Oh I get it, these are all records that were re-released in 2022?

Kirke said...

Very controversial list!
My 8-track player was booming with:
Love You Live/Rolling Stones
Street Survivor/Lynyrd Skynyrd
Draw the Line/Aerosmith
Rough Mix/Ronnie and Pete
Little Queen/Heart
and (sorry to admit now) Cat Scratch Fever/Ted Nugent


Montreal goalie great Ken Dryden once said something like ... "The golden age of hockey was when you were 15."


I look forward to your 2022 list Sal

Rodger Stroup said...

Your list from '77 reminds me that my listening pursuits will involve going back and picking up the music that I missed the first time around.

neal t said...

was that compiled in '78 or is it recent?

Sal Nunziato said...

I compiled it this morning.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I love 90% those records. 1977! Wow. 2022 isn't going to look like that, for sure.

Troy said...

Very nice list, Sal. 1977 was the start of the sweet spot for music for me. The stretch from 77 to 85 or 86 remains my favorite time period for music. Our local radio station has a 3-hour program every Saturday called Saturday Morning Flashback, and they choose one year to highlight music, news, movies, etc. A little mini time capsule. I always love it when they choose 1977.

As for 2022, I did come up with 10 albums. It was a bit of work, but I look forward to seeing your list.

heartsofstone said...

Great list I will struggle to fill up my top 20 for 2022.

soundsource said...


softshoebanana said...

Bad Reputation never gets enough love imo....my fave Lizzy album. Fantastic list btw.

Chris Collins said...

this is insane, honestly. what a year!

FD13NYC said...

Lol!! Much of the same for me too!

Noam Sane said...

I recently relocated from rural Plumber's Butt, PA to the heart of a metropolis (Silver Spring, MD...ok I exaggerate...but it's a bitchin' little town). I live right around the corner from a Fillmore. I check the lineup each month and maybe I recognize a single act, if that, out of 25. Some nights there are lines literally around the block for acts I've never heard of. I guess that's as it should be, I'm fkng 63 years old.

But I walk the dog past the place every night, and most nights it sounds like Bands with Guitars playing rock & roll.

What this proves, I don't know. I guess that it's still going on, I'm just not tuned into it. But the place does great business.

I guess music hits us all differently at different times. It's hard to top what blew you away when you were 18. I remember the summer of 78 very well - back home after the 1st year of college, rotating three 8-tracks in my Ford Maverick: This Year's Model, Darkness on the Edge of Town, and Heaven Tonight. For me, it will never be better than that.

And yes, holy shit, 1977.

Stephen said...

Yes 1977 - Top year...a mix of all music and (nearly) all wonderful

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike.


George said...

Well, there you have it! Nice.

Anonymous said...

Aerosmith, Queen, Ted Nugent, Cheap Trick, Kiss ‘Love Gun’, Styx ‘Grand Illusion’. It was a pre-drivers license, SoCal suburban existence.
It was your advocacy that introduced me to Ultravox. Thanks!

Fieldhippie said...

No SUICIDE? This is fun.

Martyj said...

Ah...1977. The year I graduated high school...in America's heartland. To give you an idea of what a bleak musical existence in that time and place was like, other than perhaps six or seven of these albums, I doubt anyone had ever *heard* of, let alone, owned these disc. To paint a more despairing picture of that time, my graduating class did took various end-of-76-77school year polls for our yearbook. The winner of favorite band (and album) of the class of 77 was Boston.

itsok2beright said...

Ok, better late than never.

45 years later and most of these albums are still on regular rotation. Doubt that can be said about today's top 20 albums.

In '77, we were all hanging out in Capt Tony's bedroom wearing out the grooves on Love Gun. We were our own skit of "what lyrics do you think he is singing?" That album was second only to A Farewell to Kings for me that year.