Monday, September 15, 2008

Omelet du Solange

The hipster Gods will no doubt get their Sharpies out and issue me a few demerits on my credibility report for this post, but I can take it. I can take it because I know a good song when I hear one, so it doesn't make a difference if it's Beyonce's sister.

My daily routine is as follows- wake up, make coffee, read the paper, make a conscious effort to mock Solange Knowles. Today, I just can't do it.

"I Decided," the first single off her new CD is incredibly catchy. But more than that, it's sung well, completely void of all the painful melismatics and flat notes usually employed by Solange's contemporaries. The production is minimal, a great Motown backbeat with Solange's vocals upfront, and the barest keyboard instrumentation laying behind. It's got a great melody reminiscent at times of the Martha Reeves classic "Heat Wave," and it is simply a perfect single.

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Fielding Melish said...

Saw her on the tube - her band was all well-dressed white men..