Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Take That, Robert Merrill!


cooljerk said...

ahhh...the Star Spangled Banner...now there's a tune that can get me in the throat (and that's just LISTENING to it...forget about singing the song!)...on occasion, my eyes will tear up while listening to an especially heartfelt version of that little ditty.....did you LIKE this effort?...to me it was like a vocal exercise; i thought the girl has a pretty good set of lungs, but she was all over the place with the melody and in the end, she lost me...(i hope she's not your cousin or something.....no offense, pal)

Sal Nunziato said...

Mr. Cooljerk,

It was the single worst thing I have ever seen. I thought the sarcasm was obvious in those 4 little words I call a header. This DeLuna fraud makes Rosanne Barr sound like Lena Horne.

cooljerk said...

my faith in you has been restored (but how did i miss the sarcasm?...must be the fact that i just returned from a job interview...YIKES!)