Monday, October 27, 2008

Hey Rock Fans! Prepare To Be Wowed!

I got to hear the Anat Cohen Quartet play at the Village Vanguard on Saturday night. A full review of that insanely good performance can be seen on Altercation. I've mentioned before just how wonderful Miss Cohen's playing is and before this past weekend, the only times I have seen her perform were with David Ostwald's Gully Low Jazz Band at their regular Wednesday spot at Birdland in Midtown Manhattan. (my piece on Ostwald and his crew can be found HERE) A fantastic group of musicians, yet when Anat Cohen is featured, you become hypnotized. I urge all of you to pick up "Notes From The Village," her recently released CD. It's not only my favorite jazz release of the year, but one of my fave albums of 2008.

Watch Miss Cohen and the great Howard Alden, a frequent performer with the Gully Low Jazz Band, as they wow us with "After You've Gone."

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Ken D said...

Wow is right.
All talent, no posing... I'm guessing they didn't get invited to play at CMJ.

(& belated thanks for Friday's Elvis mix.)