Friday, October 10, 2008


Has it been a long time since you rocked and rolled? Has it been a long time since you did the stroll? Wanna get it back...get it back...get it back?

I'm gonna try to help you "get it back" with this weekend's mix.

These songs represent NOT what is traditionally thought of as quintessential rock and roll songs. No "Johnny B. Goode." No "Blue Suede Shoes." This mix is not business, Sonny. It's strictly personal. This mix represents what kicks MY ass!


There have been many versions of Eddie Holland's "Leaving Here." An early version by The Who, performed for the BBC, is quite the ass-kicker. Even Pearl Jam offered up a respectable take. (I don't like it, but I know many do.) My fave is The Birds, the 60's Brit band that featured a pre-Faces, pre-Stones Ronnie Wood.

A few songs here make me pull out the air guitar just so I can imagine being a part of the band as they "lock in." Listen to The McCoys, Izzy Stradlin, and Ian Hunter & Mick Ronson. You can almost see the sweat flying off their hair as they nod heartily (wasn't he a member of Starcastle?) at that key moment when the band just knows they are onto something . If you're a musician, tell me you wouldn't want to be in the band about 4:15 into "Women's Intuition."

I believe there are 5 bootlegs ranging from poor to great quality, of every show Led Zeppelin has performed since 1968. Sadly, I have most of them, and yet it was easy to pick this track for the mix. This version of "Celebration Day" from the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto from September of 1971, finds Jonesy & Bonzo steering off the road into dangerous territory. It's almost hardcore. It's definitely funk. And Jimmy Page just unravels in every possible good way!

Finally, something that should prove to any pain-in-the-ass Ringo non-believers that Mr. Starkey is still the greatest rock and roll drummer. Live from Sweden, 1963, The the hook!

C'mon everybody!

Leaving Here - The Birds
Nineteen Fifty-Six - The Rascals
Stagger Lee- The McCoys
Get It Hot - AC/DC
Viking- Los Lobos
My Baby Likes To Boogaloo -Dan Gardner
Been A Fix - Izzy Stradlin
Baby Don't You Do It- The Who
Women's Intuition - Ian Hunter & Mick Ronson
Silver Naked Ladies- Paul Westerberg
Celebration Day -Led Zeppelin
Roll Over Beethoven (Live)- The Beatles

Click HERE for a zip file of "BEEN A LONG TIME."

Don't forget to support the artists by purchasing the CDs from which these songs originally appeared.

And please, don't hesitate to suggest what gets your rocks off! (please keep all suggestions music related)


steve simels said...

I'm assuming that Birds track is on the anthology that has everything they ever did? Including the soundtrack clip from the song they do in "The Deadly
Bees"? (Great song, BTW...although it prompted Tom Servo on MST3K to remark, "Just go straight to the heroin.")

Sal Nunziato said...

Yes, that very same anthology.

Kevin Riley said...

Besides the gift of their own music, the greatest gift my favorite music makers can give me is a way cool cover that makes me seek out the original. I think about when I saw the Byrds in 1970, and the late great Clarence White sang Lowell George's Truck Stop Girl, and again in '71, when I saw them in Central Park and bought a bootleg of an Amsterdam show(for $3 if I remember correctly, and about a quarter inch thick) of them with Willin.' Took me several years to figure out they were Little Feat tunes. Too bad covers are sort of frowned upon these days.

Carl Mealha said...

Thanks a lot. Pretty good stuff here that I've never heard. My favorite is the Ian Hunter/Mick Ronson cut. I was a big fan but had never heard it before. Sound like a great mid-period Stones cut. Real gritty


Radio Schmaydio said...

Excellent hairy balled mix.

Hmmmm, songs that rock out with their cock out, eh?

"Come Together" - MC5
"Thunderbuck Ram" - Mott
"You Got My Number" - Undertones
"25th Hour" - Lime Spiders
"90 Miles to Vegas" - SCOTS
"Why I Drink" - Go to Blazes (on the Rig Rock Jukebox collection)
"Neat Neat Neat" - The Damned