Friday, November 7, 2008


Ain't nothin' like a Sunday morning with a pot of coffee, the New York Times, Chris Matthews (TV volume low) and Brother Jess. (more on Jess in a minute) This weekend's mix is pure soul. The Sunday morning kind of soul.

I know some of you have been in the Gospel Tent at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Pretty tough to put into words just what happens under that massive canvas. Am I right or am I right? Hallelujah!

Not gonna get all preachy-ass on you. Just saying this--when you're surrounded by so many hopeful people, it doesn't really matter if generally, you are not. It's contagious.

This week seems like an appropriate week for some inspiration. So please, trip lightly into this fantastic mix. It's all great music. It's the good kind of church.

As for Brother Jess, you need to listen for yourself. Sunday morning. 9:30 A.M. Jess, this post is for you.

Good News- The Pilgrim Travelers
Lazurus- O.V. Wright
A Change Is Gonna Come- Sam Cooke
Nail Print- The Dixie Nightingales
I'll Be Rested- Mavis Staples
Oh Happy Day- Edwin Hawkins Singers
That's What's Wrong- Consoling Clouds Of Joy
Crying In The Streets- The Seven Brothers
The New Walk- Rev. Reuben Willingham
Goin' Up Yonder- Walter Hawkins
If Serving God Is Wrong- Rev. Julius Cheeks
How Excellent- River of Life Choir
His Eye Is On The Sparrow- Marvin Gaye

Click HERE for your zip file and watch the Reverend Reuben Willingham below in one outrageous video. (thanks Steven)

Before you go, please read my Huffington Post tribute to the late James Booker HERE. This video below is evidence that Booker was not of this Earth.



Anonymous said...

sal...excellent and inspirational's unfortunate that music lovers out there haven't mined the gospel for wonderful, joyous sounds...whether or not you ignore the message (i do), you can't deny the spirit and the infectious feeling of great gospel music...this mix may not be popular with all your readers, but i, for one, thank you for it...see you next time, at the tent...steven

geno said...


They say there are no coincidences. Then tell me what this means? I was sitting at the desk, listening to the files on the Mac. A song came on that reminded me of you. "Gee, I wonder if the weekend post is up?", I mused. I bring you up and, sure enough, there it is.

The line "that Booker was not of this Earth" caught me, because the song that I was listening to, the one that reminded me to look at your blog was "True" from the "New Orleans Piano Wizard-Live" by the one and the same James Booker.

There is a power in music, don't you think?

Gene Oberto

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm from New Orleans. I'm intrigued by James Booker and you. You like my same two favorite cities, NO and NYC. I love music. Hook me up with places to go and shows to see in NYC. I've done ok on my own, but I am sure you can point me to the right spots.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal!! This is perfect!

soundsource said...

hey who took that great picture from the gospel tent wow what a great photographer

allen vella said...

Beatiful piece on time i see you in that shirt, i'm gonna mug you for it!
thanks for the good music.