Thursday, January 15, 2009


Tickets for John Cassavetes...uh, I mean Leonard Cohen go on sale Friday. Tickets are only $250 each. Sure, it's Cohen's first NY show in 15 years, but is that our fault? With Ticketmaster fees, you can expect to pay $550 for a pair. Actually, it'd be worth it if it WAS John Cassavetes.


NYCD Online said...

As long as there are enough suckers out there to fill up places that charge a fortune for tickets, prices will never come down. Especially when you're dealing with someone as evil as Li'l Jimmy Dolan, a modern day version of Ebenezer Scrooge if ever there was one.

How do we organize a boycott of overpriced shows? Because I'm on board, dammit.

Ken D said...

Not to excuse Dolan et al in the least, but don't the artists share some responsibility for these outrageous prices?

Sal Nunziato said...

They absolutely do, Ken D. I made mention of that in the first post about the Beacon. It's all just so out of hand.

FD13NYC said...

It's of good intent to mention boycott. I'm afraid there are too many people still out there with money that could afford the outrageous ticket prices. This fuels and feeds the process to go on and on. Who would want to see Leonard Cohen at any price. Wrote some decent songs, boring music and performer. As for the other work horses still shamelessly chugging away, saw them when they were good and with all original band members. Not interested.

I know it's exciting to see a live show of one of your favorite performers. Most of us over 40 crowd have seen our favorites many times over the past years long ago.
It should forever keep our memories alive with how good a show was for a cheaper ticket price.

I guess we'll all have to be relegated to watch our concert DVDs and listen to CDs and mp3s of our lovable performers.

I'd rather watch The Police live in Buenas Aires DVD in the comfort of my home with great picture and sound than to stand with 90,000 screaming people anyway.

soundsource said...

I don't want to get started on high ticket prices but what the hell I WILL, Hey it's not just Douchebags like Dolan (I can hear Sal groaning) how about those oldie acts like the rolling stones charging hundreds of dollars to trot out start me up one more time. ok i'll stop

darnie said...

Leonard Cohen still wearing Luv beads...sheesh