Wednesday, April 22, 2009

If It's Wednesday, Street Date Was Yesterday

OK, I forgot the new releases. Major distractions like a painfully early flight to New Orleans, which by the way included Allen Toussaint sitting two rows in front of me and some bonehead eating two boxes of Carr's Water Crackers louder than the Tubes CD I was listening to on my iPod, behind me.

THE BOXMASTERS- MODBILLY (featuring that dick, Billy Bob Thornton. See here)

SUSAN COWSILL- LIGHTHOUSE (released through Threadhead Records. See here)

(my good friend) JOHN DUNBAR- LIFE'S GREAT LISTENERS (See here)


BOOKER T. JONES- POTATO HOLE (my Huffington Post review HERE)

PET SHOP BOYS- YES (best record in years. love them!)

Hope that suffices, considering where I am and what and who I am thinking about.

Back to NOLA, dinner at Bayona was sinful (veal sweetbreads, anyone?) and the "All-Stars" backing Shannon Powell at Preservation Hall included Leon "Kid Chocolate" Brown on trumpet, Scotty Hill on trombone and David Torkanowksy on piano. Music was classic for a first night.

See ya tomorrow, Y'ALL.

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Michael in New York said...

Personally, I would have thanked the cracker eater for drowning out The Tubes. Maybe live they were fun, but the albums I've heard left me cold.