Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Street Date - 06/09/09


Is it me or does Mr. Levon Helm sound better the older he gets? Stay tuned later in the week for my full review of this CD at Altercation. (This CD is KILLER!)


To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of this cute little concert event, BMG/Sony (or is it Sony/BMG) is releasing five 2 CD sets--Jefferson Airplane's Volunteers, Santana's debut, Sly & The Family Stone's Stand, Johnny Winter's self-titled and Janis Joplin's I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues--each including the classic album and the complete live Woodstock performance of the artist. Not a bad idea, I guess...if it was 1997, when CDs mattered and people gave a shit about product.


No meat and all potatoes (of course) on this new Moby release, self-described as "experimental, interesting, and challenging." I may wait for the one he describes as "melodic, accessible, and fun."


The last of Rod's good records both get remastered with bonus discs. "Atlantic Crossing" and "A Night On The Town" each have session outtakes and complete alternate versions of the albums, which honestly, don't sound much different at all from the commercially released versions. Actually, I happen to think "Atlantic Crossing" is quite good; a Tom Dowd produced record with some legendary Memphis musicians along for the ride. But the "alternate" version almost sounds phony, as if someone in the booth just knocked out some background vocals on a few songs, or let the tape run an extra 5 seconds to give it that "loose" (read: alternate) feeling. Really disappointing.


Here is what Amazon has to say, because I personally, could care less:

Arguably the most accomplished singer/songwriter of his generation, Rob Thomas is one of modern music's most compelling and commercially successful artists. Between Matchbox Twenty, his solo work, and his various collaborations with iconic artists like Santana and Mick Jagger, his tally now stands at more than 80 million albums sold worldwide.

The latest magical collection of Thomas-crafted inspiration is his second solo album, Cradlesong. The new album follows his 2005 multiplatinum solo debut, ...Something To Be, which made history as the first album by a male artist from a rock or pop group to debut at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 since the chart was launched 50 years earlier. The album earned a pair of Grammy nominations and spawned a string of hit singles, including the smash 'Lonely No More' which was #1 in 15 countries. cradlesong, with Matt Serletic again in the producer's chair, was forged in a creatively charged atmosphere. The result is a percussive rock record that pulses with passion and energy and portrays a world he views with boundless optimism.

Despite the occasionally discouraging lyric, Thomas infuses that hopeful spirit into cradlesong. 'I'm not a mopey person; I don't get satisfaction in heartache and despair. With the exception of a few things that start dark and stay dark, there's usually a hopefulness at the end of each song,' he says. 'There has to be; it s the hopeful part that makes you want to share them with people. It's the hopeful part that says you found some secret in the pain and maybe some other people will, too."

Apologies to...well...EVERYONE.


I am calling this Jeff Tweedy's best work since 1999's "Summerteeth,"a record that affected me in profound ways that are usually reserved for records such as "Pet Sounds," "Rubber Soul" and "Blonde On Blonde." After a shaky opening--the first two songs sound like outtakes to me--the record just gets better and better. A fantastic piece of work that at times, especially on songs like "Country Disappeared" and "Solitaire" evokes Lennon's Plastic Ono Band.



2 CD deluxe editions, each featuring session outtakes and alternates of the first two Rod Stewart albums on Warner Brothers.


2 CD deluxe editions each featuring session outtakes and alternates of....JEEZ.


I want to thank John Dunbar (check him out HERE) not only for introducing me to The Format, a band that ALL of you should get to know, but for sending me the new Ray Davies CD. My initial thoughts upon hearing of a "Kinks Choral Collection" was, "At least I don't have to listen to a new Rob Thomas CD" After two excellent solo releases in as many years, Ray Davies choral idea may have sounded like a lazy retread while crossing the bridge to the not-happening Kinks reunion. But fear not, dandies. The "Kinks Choral Collection" is quite beautiful and something to really sink your ears into. Take note of how many times you listen to the opening version of "Days," which is absolutely stunning, before you move on.

That's the lot. Not much, but definitely some winners.


Chris Swartout said...

Agreed on the Wilco Sal.

For me, Everlasting Everything is one of the most beautiful love songs he has ever written. I defy you to not be moved by it. Maybe it is just me as I experienced a profound loss somewhat recently, but the song was hauntingly beautiful.

Also, while on the subject of Wilco, the live DVD/CD "Ashes of American Flags" came out a couple of weks ago and is pretty damn wonderful too. Take a listen to that solo on "Impossible Germany" and you could be convinced that Nels Cline is a guitar god.

Changing gears, isn't the new Pete Yorn out today as well??

Sal Nunziato said...

Hey Chris,
I am still on the fence about Nels Cline. I really enjoy listening to "A Ghost Is Born' and "Sky Blue Sky," but too often I find myself drifting and wishing I was listening to "Marquee Moon"instead.

As for Pete Yorn, I believe it came out last week, and I missed it then too.

(Sorry about your loss)

Ken D said...

"Arguably the most accomplished singer/songwriter of his generation, Rob Thomas..."

Try reading that Amazon review in the voice of Paul Schaffer's SNL impression of Don Kirschner (you'll have to look that one up kids). Instant comedy!

Sal Nunziato said...

Ken D--that was the line that got me, as well. I was about to start listing other accomplished songwriters, but the realized, "If it ain't broke...."

Chris Swartout said...

I've been listening to the Pete Yorn and so far I'm kind of lukewarm, which is odd for me.

I have to drive down to the city later today. Maybe I'll put Marquee Moon on for the ride!

Thanks for the reminder. I love that record.