Thursday, June 4, 2009

"That Look You GIve That Guy"

The "softersideofsatan," an Eels fan and You Tube member, had this to say about "That Look You Give That Guy," a song that has been on repeat, repeatedly in my home, and currently available on "Hombre Lobo," the just released Eels CD:

"No one can write a sad song like E can. The new album is awesome."

Pretty much sums it up for me.

I tend to latch onto a song. When something hits me--vocals, lyrics, arrangement, or sometimes just one phrase--like when Bruce Springsteen sings "My boy Bill" in "Girls in Their Summer Clothes," I'm a goner. (Maybe I'll do a list of "those" songs.) In the meantime, it's "That Look You Give That Guy," from Eels "Hombre Lobo," that is doing it to me this week.


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cmealha said...

Not an Eels fan but OH MY GOD! Karen and I just listened to this and were absolutely blown away. One of my favorite songs of the year. Like you said, it was a '..Summer Clothes' moment when he sings 'If I could be that guy, instead of me...' it just grabs you heart. His singing is so plaintive and the arrangement/ production fit the song so perfectly. Thanks