Thursday, September 3, 2009

And The Birthday Mixes Just Keep On Coming

The half-week-long "Burning Wood First Birthday Celebration" continues with two big mixes to close out the week. Or, if you prefer, start the holiday weekend. Play it the way you like.

I can't say I spent too much time working these mixes out. I was just happy to have some music back in the ol' HD. After a few playbacks, I think I'm quite happy with the turnout. As expected, the music speaks for itself. There may even be a theme here.

Some quick thoughts:

"Tapioca Tundra"-my fave Monkees tune.

"Minor Byrd"- not only my fave You Am I song, but one of the few I like at all. I don't get You Am I. I've heard so many raves--"THE WHO! THE JAM! THE...WHATEVER!" I don't hear it.

"I'm Looking Through You"- How cool are The Posies? They cover the Beatles alternate "Anthology 2" version of this "Rubber Soul" track.

"House On The Hill"- Did you know Ray Davies produced The Turtles?

"Harvest"- Rufus Wainwright is a "love'em or hate'em" guy. I love'em and I love this duet with Chris Stills. If you get out your time machine, this Neil cover could easily be Loudon & Stephen.

"Never Going Back"- I want to thank Steve over at Power Pop for reminding how wonderful this song is. You can thank him yourself HERE.

"Your Daddy Don't Know"- Toronto cover anyone?

"Bully"--I have no idea. Found this years ago and have loved it ever since.

Full track list below.


It's My Fault - Jeffrey Foskett
You Said That - The Easybeats
Skinny - The Spongetones
I Want You Still - Dave Clark Five
I Don't Remember Your Name - The Records
Tapioca Tundra - The Monkees
Your Daddy Don't Know - The New Pornographers
Minor Byrd - You Am I
Tell That Girl To Shut Up - Holly & The Italians
I'm Looking Through You - The Posies
Talk To You - The Small Faces
Rock & Roll - The Redwalls
New Romance (It's A Mystery) - Spider
Bully - Sugarbomb
Pretty Ballerina - Jason Falkner
Never Going Back - Lovin' Spoonful
House On The Hill - The Turtles
Harvest - Rufus Wainwright & Chris Stills
Forever - Roy Wood
Video Killed The Radio Star -Bruce Woolley & The Camera Club


Remember, the download may take some time. Be nice.


FD13NYC said...

For one who didn't spend much time working this mix out, you produced another gem here Sal, always do. Wasn't Your Daddy Don't Know done by the Canadian group Toronto?

Sal Nunziato said...

You're absolutely right, FD13! There was a song by Trooper called "Cold Cold Toronto," and for whatever reason, I confuse the two.

FD13NYC said...

It's understanding, you've been stressed out these past days. You'll be fine.

cmealha said...

May be your best mix. Pop heaven. Thanks

steve simels said...

I have the Toronto original, if you'd like it.

Just saying...

Sal Nunziato said...

Already gave it to me, Steve. Thx.

misospecial said...

great mix, thanks.