Friday, September 4, 2009


As promised, we end the Burning Wood First Birthday Celebration and begin the holiday weekend with a doozy.

I loved soul music long before I met Steven Feldman. But it was "Little Stevie" who not only pointed out that my musical taste needed a bit of spice--WHO ASKED YA-- but proceeded to season my soul stew with song after brilliant song, by artists who couldn't even be called "One Hit Wonders." These were guys who kept their jobs at the garage or car dealership, and ended up in a recording studio on a dare. And almost always, what I heard was better than what I had been listening to. Some of these songs are available on easily attainable collections. Others, long lost and only found on rare vinyl.

All, just amazing. You might of even heard of a few of these gems.

As a special birthday bonus, here is "Little Steven" Feldman to tell you all about the treats that await with one easy click.

don't let a good thing go (the nightingales) can't blame the record company for not giving these guys much support; after all, stax was too busy shipping hits for otis, sam and dave, eddie floyd and others...but they were undeniably great...unfortunately, lead singer, ollie (the group had been known as ollie and the nightingales) became frustrated with the lack of success, left the group, and was replaced by tommy tate, who sings lead on this gospel infused gem, possibly their best

buzzard luck (swamp dogg)...jerry williams (you didn't think his name was actually swamp dogg, did you?) has probably been in the music business for fifty years, and he's still writing and does he do it?...with a sense of humor...the dude is funny!

time and place (lee moses)...this guy fell through the cracks for me... luckily i discovered his first lp, time and place, when it was reissued by castle uk a couple years ago and i suggest you do likewise

meet me in church (solomon burke)...there's a good reason solomon is referred to as the king of soul...if you've ever seen him, you know he often takes the stage wearing a crown; if you listen to this song, you'll know why...also recommended: "the price," one of the greatest soul songs, ever

dancin' girl (the rimshots) puts the fun in funky and makes me feel mischievous, which is a good feelin' when you get to be my age

a nickel and a nail (o.v. wright)...let's just agree (for argument's sake) that o.v. is the greatest soul singer of them, let's also say that this is his best tune...ok, you can listen to it...and keep in mind when you think YOU'VE got it rough, all o.v. had was a nickel and a nail!

(editor's note: I have a nail

somebody somewhere (king ernest baker) "it's hard to resist temptation with all the sexy hot pants around"...'nuff said

the right to love you (the mighty hannibal)...and we love you too, hannibal...this guy is still performing (infrequently)...i saw him two years ago, and though he's not quite the dynamo he was back in the day, he is still amazing...his greatest hits lp plays in heavy rotation at my place

(two soul legends, The Mighty Hannibal & Sal Nunziato)

say you will (joe haywood) may never have heard this little known, under-appreciated singer but you are likely to be mesmerized by this song from the first note to the last

rubber neckin', chick checkin' (lou courtney) of the hippest cats in soul music...i HIGHLY recommend his first album "skate now/shing-a-ling"

non support (ironing board sam)...while in the dark days of my divorce proceedings, i listened to this song for the laughs...but you can dig a song by a guy named ironing board sam on ANY occasion

ain't no reason for girls (bobby marchan) of the stars of huey smith's legendary revue, bobby always dressed in drag (to each his own) ...unfortunately, they just don't make songs like this anymore

lulu was that you (cal waymon)...and speaking of not making songs like this anymore...poor cal waymon can't believe it...he wants to know if that was his girl he saw when he was at the whore house today!...(i can't make this shit up!)

S.G.B (eddie bo)...we lost one of the greats this past orleans will miss him dearly...but we still have songs like this one to listen to

if you took a survey (bobby patterson)'s a great thing to discover guys like bobby patterson...though you may have forty years ago, there's always some little record company reissuing these obscure soul tunes for the discerning few ( tell me...who BUYS this stuff?)

daddy rollin' stone (ozz & the sperlings)...makes you want to be in a band, just so you can all dress up in sharkskin, continental suits and cover this song

crumbs off the table (laura lee)...i love laura lee...i mean, i wish i could make love to her (but she'd probably kick my ass)

love-itis (harvey scales & the 7 sounds)...i hope you didn't think this was a j geils band song


Don't Let A Good Thing Go-The Nightingales
Buzzard Luck - Swamp Dogg
Just A Little Overcome - Tommy Tate
Meet Me In Church - Solomon Burke
Time & Place - Lee Moses
Dance Girl - The Rimshots
A Nickel & A Nail - O.V. Wright
Somebody Somewhere (Is Playing With Yours) - King Ernest Baker
The Right To Love You - The Mighty Hannibal
Say You Will - Joe Haywood
Rubber Neckin' (Chick Check'n)- Lou Courtney
Non Support - Ironing Board Sam
Ain't No Reason For Girls - Bobby Marchan
Lulu Was That You - Cal Wayman
'Cause I Love You- Ralph "Soul" Jackson
S.G.B. (Stone Graveyard Business) - Eddie Bo
If You Took A Survey - Bobby Patterson
Daddy Rollin' Stone - Ozz & The Sperlings
Crumbs Off The Table - Laura Lee
Love-Itis - Harvey Scales & The 7 Sounds

Thank you all for supporting Burning Wood this past year. Please don't hesitate to tell your friends, and while you're at it.. you could tell me, too...especially if you like what's here.



allen vella said...

congratulations on a great year Sal. it's been a joy reading and listening. and your soul mix is without equal...thanks for keeping the flame alive, through love and love only...I wish I could express my thanks in a concrete way, like sending you a bunch of money, but until that lotto ticket hits..I think we're in the same boat. but still floatin'! see you soon, allen

DeepKarma said...

Sal, over the course of the past year, Burning Wood has become my favorite stop on the innertubz. This from someone who became a regular reader of Altercation just in the hope that Eric posted one of your record or concert reviews. I can't tell you how many incredible records and artists you have turned me on to. Keep on spreading the news!

steve simels said...

Amazing stuff (and since I'm at my girlfriends computer it wasn't a problem to download).

The thanks of a grateful nation, as always!

Incidentally, and I mentioned this downstairs, but I have the original Toronto version of the New Pornographers cover if you want a copy.

It's amazing how much Neko sounds like the original big hair girl...

steve simels said...

Amazing stuff (and since I'm at my girlfriends computer it wasn't a problem to download).

The thanks of a grateful nation, as always!

Incidentally, and I mentioned this downstairs, but I have the original Toronto version of the New Pornographers cover if you want a copy.

It's amazing how much Neko sounds like the original big hair girl...

Sal Nunziato said...

Steve, I had a hard copy waiting for you. ;)

jeff said...

I see this was uploaded at 4:09. Please get some sleep (but keep posting them).

steve simels said...

Well, if you've already got it burned...

I'll get something together for you in return...

charlie c. said...

Thanks for everything Sal!
If someone just signed on this week -- just for the 2 b'day downloads, he or even she would be forever in your debt.

Me -- I'm just chillin'. Got the nickle to your nail. Second favorite blog -- no, not mine but The Beautiful Women of Wrestling! (although I have never actually read it all the way through)

cmealha said...

Except for the Nightingales and Solomon Burke I know not a one (my bad) but I can't wait to dig in. Thanks again and wishing many more birthdays to come.

soundsource said...

hey mr wood who is this little steven guy and is he a relative of little stevie, mmmm I wonder. Is he in a band, does he sing or play, does he have relatives or sons and daughters who play in bands, is he coming soon to a bar near me.......well anyway he's got pretty decent taste but some of his choices are a little too obvious (not) but anyway thanks for one mo great download and happy anniversary. and thanks to mr little steven

Sal Nunziato said...

Actually,'s my mix, but, this Little Stevie guy was instrumental in making it happy. (oh the irony)

Meanstreets said...

Your good work is very appreciated....& We can never get enough of the " King of Rock & Soul "....the great Soloman Burke....