Monday, September 7, 2009

We've Been Waiting So Long

The current trend of artists playing full albums in their entirety has thankfully not gone unnoticed by Todd Rundgren, who for the first time ever, starting last night in Akron, is playing his seminal 1973 masterpiece, "A Wizard/A True Star" from top to bottom for a short series of shows.

I haven't read any official reviews yet of opening night, but I did get a Facebook message from my friend whose "OH MY GOD! YOU HAVE TO GO!"seemed to say it all. Oh...and I did get a series of annoying texts every 5 minutes from someone telling me the setlist as it was happening. (Normally, I'd enjoy that kind of hands on info, except that the texts were from someone who was supposed to drive me to Akron and then bailed because he said he was too busy. Thanks, Pal.)

I will be attending Wednesday's show in Stamford, and I may just check out this evening's PPV broadcast. You can too, HERE.

In the meantime, please enjoy a grainy, but wonderful 1978 version of the "Utopian National Anthem," Just One Victory, the last song on the brilliant "A Wizard/A True Star."


Anonymous said...

I was at the show in Akron last night Sal and it was awesome!!! I felt like i had died and gone to heaven, prepare for one of the best nights in your life in Stamford.


Anonymous said...

What kind of Todd fan r u dude? You passed up one of the greatest shows in Todd's career because some guy didn't "Drive you" there...?

a REAL MAN would have driven himself.

Sal Nunziato said...