Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Holy Freakin' Falsetto, Batman!"

The legendary Steve Simels over at the always wonderful Power Pop had an interesting question:


I immediately sprung into action, ready to peck out title after title of good BB/BW covers. First thing that came to mind was "God Only Knows" by David Bowie, a positively putrid reading from a pretty bad record by one of my rock and roll heroes.

I gave up right then and there. Steve, you're right.

But, I did remember this. And while it may not count, since it was recorded live at a Brian Wilson tribute show, and not recorded specifically for a studio record, it is still quite stunning.

Please enjoy, Vince Gill, David Crosby, and Jimmy Webb tackling the untackleable, "Surf's Up."

And don't forget to say hi to Steve over here----> POWER POP.


Noam Sane said...

Geez, Vince Gill. Phenomenal.

This is a tough song to get your arms around, as a listener. I can't imagine putting it together for a stage performance. It's like an opera piece.

steve simels said...

I have since thought pf an obvious good one -- recent, too -- but I'm saving it for a blog post of my own.

jeff said...

I think the best beach boys cover I ever heard was by brian wilson, for the documentary they did "Do it again" with the was not was gang and wilson/phillips. that was terrific.

Dave said...

I was there to see this performance. Vince Gill also just killed on "Warmth of the Sun" and Paul Simon delivered a modest and charming "Surfer Girl."

Here's the video of WOTS: To think that he originally was "just" going to be a guitarist.

Dave said...

Just found the Paul Simon performance on YouTube;