Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Morning Racket

"Yim Yames is the thinly veiled alias of Jim James, the guitar-playing frontman of My Morning Jacket. Although chiefly known for his work in that band, James played a wider role in indie rock during the early 21st century, appearing on albums by several artists (including Bright Eyes, M. Ward, America, and Bobby Bare, Jr.) while also pursuing a small solo career under the Yim Yames moniker. He made his solo debut with 2009's Tribute To, a short collection of George Harrison covers recorded shortly after the guitarist's death in 2001."

I think I've made it clear a number of times on these pages that I was not a fan of Jim James or his overrated band, My Morning Jacket. I mean, the records are worth some time, with the occasional tune offering something, but this band headlined Madison Square Garden on New Year's Eve for Pete's sake. Really? This is how you want to ring in the new year? Packed (maybe) in a big hockey barn listenng to a gloomy indie band? Kinda makes Guy Lombardo's Waldorf gig seem like a dirty BBQ roadhouse hootenanny. And how the hell did they get THAT gig anyway?

Still, I find Jim James...uh...Yim Yames'"Tribute To..." E.P. fascinating. It has that low-fi, lazy approach that has always been the big turn off for me with indie bands. (I don't care how many pop gems Guided By Voices has recorded, their records sounds like shit.) But at the same time, the thin, "gloomy" approach makes these George Harrison songs almost sound as if Hank Williams could have recorded them.

Unzip and take a listen to "Behind That Locked Door" and "All Things Must Pass."


And if that doesn't kill ya, there's always this.


FD13NYC said...

The Ying Yang songs sound very dreary, haunting and full of echo. Sorry not my cup of tea. I'm more of an Apple Scruffs, Wah Wah, Don't Let Me Wait Too Long, Dark Horse type of Wing Wang listener.

The McCartney is good, but I think the Unplugged video version is better.

Sal, if you have the new Macca at Citifield, could you send me a copy of just the DVD? Don't need anymore Live audio stuff from the old geezer. It's always nice to watch him work though. Thanks, Fang

Sal Nunziato said...

No go on the DVD Fang. Sorry. Besides, listening is better. The DVD will no doubt have 250 edits per every 20 seconds of music, not to mention painful close-ups of adoring fans.

NolaFunk said...

Sal: I've been following your blog for a while and I think we have fairly similar tastes, from the namesake NolaFunk through love of Springsteen.

I think you should give MMJ another chance. I was at that MSG show (and many before it) and it was the rockingest New Year's this side of the Radiators. It might come across as "gloomy indie" on record, but like most of my favorite bands, they're on another live live.

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks Nola,
I thank you for at least not ripping me a new one, and conceding that MMJ may come across as "gloomy" on record. You are right, I have never seen them live, so I've not lived that experience. But, in my defense, if you are going to devote an entire blog to the great city of New Orleans and its unsung heroes, can you at least admit that MMJ may have gotten just a bit of an overcooking by the media?