Thursday, November 19, 2009

Really? The Olympics?

I'd like to think I know a little about music. How did this slip by me? I really thought it was an original tune by the Young Rascals. I found out yesterday that it was not.

Here are The Olympics with THEIR tune, "Good Lovin'."

And for good measure, a tune I had always associated with NRBQ, "The Same Old Thing," from one of the greatest records of all time, "NRBQ At Yankee Stadium," also...The Olympics.


SoundSource said...

Live and learn. Thanks for the clips and how about the pompadour on the 2nd Olympic from the right. He may win a gold medal for hair height not to mention Billy Preston's beatle wig.
I thought that "Same Old Thing" was an NRBQ song as well. Live and learn

FD13NYC said...

Also, let us not forget the cool tune Western Movies. Their first hit from 1958, went all the way to number 8 on the charts.

steve simels said...

The Rascals I knew was a cover, and actually had a CD at some point with the original.

The other tune? New to me, and thanks!

Ken D said...

Never heard of the Olympics' versions before either. Thanks for schoolin' me.
Not too surprised by the NRBQ cover though. I saw them countless times and you never knew where they'd find the greatest stuff to cover. Tin Pan Alley, TV theme songs, show tunes, bebop, campfire songs.
Those guys are walkin' musical encyclopedias.
(And a 2nd vote for "... at Yankee Stadium" as one of the all-time greats. One of the greatest album covers too!)

Dave said...

I strongly recommend listening to the original Olympics' recording of "Good Lovin'" which outrocks this live version, IMO. The Olympics had many hits, really, including "Big Boy Pete" and the original "Hully Gully." You may have noticed that "Hully Gully" and "Peanut Butter" (by the Marathons) share the same melody -- although the Marathons were really the Vibrations (of "My Girl Sloopy" fame), the Olympics always sang the song in concert. It gets complicated!

misospecial said...

oh boy, weekend mix. thanks, sal!

Anonymous said...

There's a great version of "Good Lovin" by the Puddin' out there Sal, have you heard it?

Frank Christopher