Friday, November 13, 2009

"November" : THE WEEKEND MIX

Maybe some of you have been burned out by the bevy of Bruce bogging up Burning Wood blately. I know I haven't...been... but I anticipate some hate mail from a few of my loyal, but troublesome readers who seem to think that little north of the Alamo is worth their time. This "WEEKEND MIX" isn't really FOR them, but at least it's a step out of Freehold...for now.

No real theme here, folks. Again, it's just some stuff that kills me for one reason or another. It's posted so that maybe it might kill you. I mean that in the best possible way.


Susan Cowsill hosts a series at Carrolton Station in New Orleans called "Covered In Vinyl," where she and some friends perform a classic album in its entirety. Here she is, along with friends, Bangle & Drifter Vicki Peterson and the incomparable Paul Sanchez and this is from the Mamas & Papas' "If You Can Believe Your Eyes & Ears" night. (That's one long and f**ked up sentence.)

Rare solo single from Brian Eno, inspired by my long lost friend Chris Fish, who chose to post this on Facebook and remind me that Brian Eno used to be a likeable freak as opposed to an old, boring, bald freak.

I know very little about The Four Bags, but I saw them at one of the legendary downtown NYC "Loser's Lounge" shows. This one, a night of XTC. They performed this album cut and it left me limp.

Not sure where I got this Raconteurs cover by Corinne Bailey Rae. (Raconteurs cover--JEEZ)

The best Trash Can Sinatras track from their best album, their debut. Pop perfection.

Bobby & Ali, live on CMT's Crossroads.

A New Orleans fave, Jon Cleary, with his funky spin on The Valentinos classic, live for the BBC.

The inferior, original version of Prince's track and Sinead's hit. I actually despise this version. But it's rare, so it may please some of you.

The superior cover of the John Hiatt track by the sublime (at least on this song) Katy Moffat.

Put on your seatbelt and wait for 3:23 of this James Booker gem. (0:00- 3:22 ain't no bag of dirt either)

The Ervin Webb track is here because it needs to be here. You'll feel it. I have faith in you.

Did I forget anything?

Have a great weekend.


Monday, Monday - Paul Sanchez, Susan Cowsill, & Vicki Peterson
Men Without Shame - Phantom, Rocker & Slick
Seven Deadly Finns - Brian Eno
Humble Daisy - The Four Bags
Steady As She Goes - Corinne Bailey Rae
Obscurity Knocks - Trash Can Sinatras
Black Dog - Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
It's All Over Now - Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gentlemen
Flowers In The Window - Fran Healy & Andy Dunlop
Nothing Compares 2 U - The Family
Shoot The Moonlight Out - Garland Jeffreys
We Ran - Katy Moffat
Black Minute Waltz - James Booker
I'm Going Home - Ervin Webb
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Wilco



jeff said...

Fran Healey?
Next week, Tim McCarver sings the American songbook?

Sal Nunziato said...

that album already exists, jeff.

Anonymous said...

I wanna hear Alex Rodriguez singing Madonna sings, now that would be a laugh.

Nathan Rich

jeff said...

I know it does. I pointed it out because a while back I actually sampled it on Amazon, much to my horror.

cmealha said...

And the winner is....
Garland Jeffreys - Shoot the Moonlight Out
Sounds as great today as the first time I heard it.