Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rolling Thunder Review, 1976

As I explained yesterday, the December doldrums have begun, and what I referred to as a truncated "If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Street Date," will more accurately be a non-existent "new release" blast. But for the curious, there is a new record by The Bravery, and new CD/DVD collections by Il Divo and Enya. Go crazy!

As promised, today starts Burning Wood's month long "Season Of Giving," and we will start with one of my favorite bootlegs, a 1976 Rolling Thunder Review show from The Warehouse in New Orleans. It's a superb sounding, complete show, with opener Dennis Hopper's hilarious reading of Kipling, as well as performances by Kinky Friedman, Roger McGuinn, Joan Baez, and of course, Bob.

This set also includes what is arguably the quintessential "You're A Big Girl, Now."


Bob Dylan (guitar & vocal)
Scarlet Rivera (violin)
T-Bone J. Henry Burnette (guitar & piano)
Steven Soles (guitar)
Mick Ronson (guitar)
Bobby Neuwirth (guitar & vocal)
Roger McGuinn (guitar & vocal)
David Mansfield (steel guitar, mandolin, violin & dobro)
Rob Stoner (bass)
Howie Wyeth (drums)
Gary Burke (congas)


Once again, if you'd like to share your favorite records of 2009, please send them along in an e-mail.

And please check out yesterday's post. If you have any requests, get me while the gettin's good.


Anonymous said...

The only concert I ever saw that started early.

Lori said...

I am a happy girl.