Friday, January 8, 2010

Attention Hollies Fans

If you love this band, then you will love this absolutely stunning ZIP which features the UK Mono Vinyl edition of The Hollies' Greatest.

Whatever you have been listening to...STOP. Listen to this instead. The drum and cymbal sound alone is worth your time.


I Can't Let Go
Bus Stop
We're Through
Carrie Anne
Here I Go Again
King Midas In Reverse
Yes I Will
I'm Alive
Just One Look
On A Carousel
Look Through Any Window
Stop Stop Stop
Jennifer Eccles



steves said...

Oooo...this is fabulous!

Thanks, Sal.

Steven said...

good idea to post this of my favorite bands of yesteryear...funny thing, i don't own a single lp (or cd) by these guys (plenty of 45's. though)...this really takes me back to those days...thanks...steven

Alex said...

Listening to this and the stereo mixes back to back makes me wonder if we're not doing a huge disservice to a lot of 60s bands by not having mono mixes available. The songs are great in any mix, but to my ear the instruments are much more distinct in mono (and a lot of it seems muddled and murky in stereo).

Anonymous said...

Alex is right on in his assessment of the sound of the mono & stereo mixes.


Anonymous said...

It always seems to make the most sense to me that when something was RECORDED in mono that that's the way it should be listened to .Geoff Emerick told me " You must have Paperback Writer on the 7 inch . It's the only way to hear it. " Most of ( if not all ,I'm not sure ) of Stereo mixes of Mono recordings are fake stereo. But they certainly don't sound as good to my ears as the Original Mono mixes.

steve simels said...

Actually, the stereo remixes on 1993 EMI Hollies box set are breathtaking.

If anybody wants to hear Bus Stop or Look Through Any Window as god and nature intended, e-mail me...

steve simels said...

BTW -- apparently Graham Nash will be singing with 'em at the R&R Hall of Fame induction.

As will original bassist Eric Haydock, who was the unheralded hero of their original sound, instrumentally. Guy had the only 6 string electric bass in England at the time, and between him and drummer Bobby Elliot the Hollies weren't just a great harmony band, they were a powerhouse instrumental outfit.

steve simels said...
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