Thursday, February 11, 2010


For just 3 minutes, get Ron Palillo's face out of your head and embrace the pop perfection of John Sebastian's "Welcome Back." Then, sink your ears into another beauty, the possibly inadvertent Sebastian homage from Jules Shear, "The Mystery's All Mine," off of Jules' just about perfect 1992 release, "The Great Puzzle."

I don't remember too much of the "Welcome Back" LP, but "The Great Puzzle" was one of those records that I played repeatedly for weeks. Jules Shear has had a long, respected career, but for my purposes "The Great Puzzle" was the one.

All Music thinks so, too.

"The Great Puzzle stands as Shear's high point, combining his never-failing gift of melody with tasteful, organic arrangements, highly personal yet universal lyrics, and probably his most consistent batch of songs to date.

I'd love to do a Jules Shear "Weekend Mix." Jules, if you're reading, do I have your blessing?





cmealha said...

Do it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Please do!

Anonymous said...

I've yet to hear "The Great Puzzle" but Jules & The Polar Bears, were one rock & roll's best kept secrets. Got No Breeding was a fantastic LP. Please proceed w/ the Jules Shear weekend mix and please sprinkle-inn a little Polar Bears, Funky Kings & Raisins In The Sun.
Looking Forward To The Mix.

Regards, Mike