Friday, February 12, 2010

'SHEAR BRILLIANCE" : The Weekend Mix

This was a lot harder to do than I thought. As I searched for what I thought would best represent Jules Shear, I realized I couldn't possibly stop at just 45 minutes of music. Then I thought, maybe I didn't have to. I'll just compile it and let you unzip and do what you want with the music.

90% of what I chose for this mix is either no longer in print or has never been released. I feel good about that.

Finally, and here's where I might twist a couple of you, I chose NO Jules & The Polar Bears. (That should be ok, since those CDs are still in print.) I've always preferred solo Jules over the Polar Bears, even though I have a sentimental place in my heart for "Got No Breeding," as it was one of the free albums I got for subscribing to Creem Magazine.

Some random notes:

"Watch Dog" was produced by Todd Rundgren

The "Raisins In The Sun" are Jules Shear, Harvey Brooks, Jim Dickinson, Paul Q. Kolderie, Chuck Prophet, Sean Slade & Winston Watson.

The "Reckless Sleepers" are Jules Shear, Jimmy Vivino, Brian Stanley & Steve Holly.

Prior to "Dawson's Creek," Paula Cole had some street cred.

"Long Way Across Tennessee" is Jules and The Band, from a collection of demos for the never completed "Jules & The Band" album.

"Never Again Or Forever" is Jules' acoustic version of a song he wrote for Rick Danko, that appeared in completed form on "Healing Bones."

"Within Myself" is a still unrecorded killer, recorded live at NYC's Village Underground.

"Healing Bones" was produced by Peter Van Hooke & Rod Argent.

"The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" is "Bag Of Soup," a one-off featuring Jules, Marshall Crenshaw, & Graham Maby. That full show from Tramps can be found HERE.

Track List and origin is below. I love everything on here. Hope you do, too. And please, go buy what's in print.

Whispering Your Name ("Watch Dog")
Trap Door ("The Great Puzzle")
Deep ("Allow Me")
Be Nice To Me ("Sayin' Hello To The Folks")
Hard Enough ("Allow Me")
Last In Love w/with Paula Cole ("Between Us")
Candy From A Stranger ("Raisins In the Sun")
You Might Show Up ("More")
The Great Puzzle ("The Great Puzzle")
Baby, Baby (I Still Love You) ("Sayin' Hello To the Folks")
The Sad Sound Of The Wind ("The Great Puzzle")
Love Will Come Again ("Watch Dog")
Long Way Across Tennessee (Unreleased)
Never Again Or Forever ("Unplug This")
The Tide Has Turned ("More")
All Through The Night ("Watch Dog")
A Prayer (For Those Not Here) ("Healing Bones")
If She Knew What She Wants ("The Eternal Return")
Within Myself (Unreleased)
The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore (Unreleased)
If We Never Meet Again (Reckless Sleepers' "Big Boss Sound")



steve simels said...

Ooh -- that just reminded me I loved the first Jules and the Polar Bears record and haven't heard it in years.

Off to find downloads...Thanks!!!!

soundsource said...

great shit thanks mr wood

matt said...

Love Jules!

His latest record "More" is really good - a really rockin' album.

Jeff said...

love it... but I think the title song from The Great Puzzle is one of his best, very profound with a beautiful melody and really sharp lyrics. It's also one of those songs that has meant the most to me at various times in my life.

cmealha said...

Just call Jules and his record company if he has one and just give them this as his career compilation. You've outdone yourself.
he's one of those guys that I know, have a couple of his albums and have a generally good impression of but have not gotten totally in to him. This really showcases his songs and makes me appreciate him more than I ever would have if left on my own.
Thanks for opening my eyes a bit wider on Jules

Sal Nunziato said...

Funny you should mention that, Carl. Already did that and it happened, back in 1992. Check "The Horse Of Different Color" on Amazon. Jules had been a customer, I suggested he call Razor & Tie since so little of his back catalogue was available. He did and it's done. Even got an A&R credit for my song suggestions...though most did not make it. But glad you're digging this one.

FD13NYC said...

Yes Sal, you have outdone yourself on this one. I burned a CD of it, listening to it now, excellent! Nice to know there's still great music out there by artists who never really got the recognition they deserved. At least a few of us know, don't we.

cmealha said...

This compilation is 18 years better! Picked up '.. Horse...' though. I'm now officially on a Jules Shear tear.
'You Might Show Up" is in the same league as "That Look You Give That Guy" and "Sham-A-Ling-Dong-Ding" in bringing a tear to your eye. Haven't stopped listening

Sal Nunziato said...

So glad you feel that way about "You Might Show Up." That song leaves me frozen.

Supersonic75 said...

Great choices. Thanks for putting it together. Jules rules!

Anonymous said...

I've never been so sad to see a dead link!

Any chance of a repost? Pretty Please?

Sal Nunziato said...

New link in between the album covers.

Canuck80sGuy said...

Thanks for the re-up; very appreciative as there are a few items I don't have here. As most of Jules' stuff is OOP -- and I have almost all of the commercially released stuff, let me know if you are looking for anything.

Been listening to "Longer to Get to Yesterday" for the last few weeks; finally went to add the other 12 boxes of CDs to my Discog's account and I had to add that CD as it was MIA. WTH?

Sal Nunziato said...


My three Jules' holy grails:

Live versions of

Maybe I'm Amazed
Care Of Cell 44
Worst That Could Happen, which I believe was aired on A&E as part of a songwriters circle.

Canuck80sGuy said...

Hi Sal,

Good choices; most of his stuff sounds just as good / better live. He was in Calgary in March 1999 in a small but acoustically perfect venue. Unbelievable sounding and he signed all my CD/cassette inserts (and dog art as well).

Great blog.