Thursday, February 18, 2010

Remembering Snooks Eaglin

Today marks a year that we lost the great Snooks Eaglin. If there was anyone who embodied the spirit, love, and warmth of New Orleans, it was Snooks.

I have many memories of Snooks Eaglin, dating back to the very first time I set foot in the great city of New Orleans, as well as some great NYC memories, too. Snooks played here a lot, but I was told that after 9/11, he was afraid to fly. Normally, I'd give an earful to someone with that mentality, but coming from Snooks, I found it endearing. I think I would have just said, "I know, man. I know." He had done enough.

Barring some miracle, it doesn't look like I'm getting to New Orleans for this year's Jazz Fest. First time I'm missing it in 10 years. I guess I'll just have to listen to some Snooks and miss them both.

Here's a quick mix of some of my favorite Snooks Eaglin tunes. The mix opens with a (very short) story from Herman Ernst and then a live version of "Josephine" from a WWOZ tribute to Snooks from last March, with Ernst, David Torkanowsky, and George Porter Jr. The rest is all Snooks.

1. Snooks Story
2. Josephine
3. Profidia
4. By The Water
5. My Love Is Strong
6. (Mama) Talk To Your Daughter
7. Would You
8. I Get The Blues When It Rains
9. Red Beans
10. Young Boy Blues
11. Guess Who
12. Tomorrow Night



The Phantom Creep said...

Great stuff, but I'm still recovering from Conway Twitty in Russian.

Troy said...

Nice post today. I, like you, have some great Snooks memories - - JF and shows at the Rock'n'Bowl stand out in my mind right now. Did you ever hear Snooks' final album 'The Way It Is'? For most of the album he had Jon Cleary & AMG as his backing band. Fun album.

allen vella said...

Thanks for that Sal..yea, he was a favorite , I really loved when Cleary backed him, you got a funky show there. but I saw him many times solo too, he always rocked the joint. Sorely missed. hey, if it makes ya feel any better..we nmay not make it down this year either..still up in the air..we'll have to have our own party in Astoria I says! You bring the tunes, I'll cook!

Sal Nunziato said...

Well, I hope you make it, but if you don't, then ABSOLUTELY!

charlie c. said...

Thank you!
Was hoping for one of these . . .