Monday, April 19, 2010

Todd On Monday : Live At Levon's, 1981

I've talked about this show before and I thought it was time to post it. This is the peak of the 4 man Utopia. Broadcast live from Levon Helm's studio in Woodstock on July 3rd of 1981, Todd and the boys preview songs from the then unreleased, "Swing To The Right" LP, tackle some old favorites, get bold with rarely played tunes from Rundgren's just released solo album "Healing," and even break the show closing tradition of "Just One Victory" by doing one more, "Couldn't I Just Tell You."

I have vivid memories of taping this show as it was simulcast and being absolutely floored by the performance. I listened recently and it does indeed hold up. Enjoy.


One World
The Road To Utopia
Swing To The Right
Last Dollar On Earth
Set Me Free
Only Human
Rock Love
The Up
Love Of The Common Man
Always Late
The Very Last Time
Back On The Street
Crazy Lady Blue
Time Heals
I Saw The Light
Love In Action
Last Of The New Wave Riders
Love Is The Answer
Just One Victory
Couldn't I Just Tell You



cmealha said...

As always thanks! Wonderful stuff

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks dude, you're the best!!!

Dan Watlington