Friday, April 16, 2010

"Wilco At The Wellmont" : THE WEEKEND MIX

This should keep you busy. Here is an epic set from Wilco, night one of two at New Jersey's Wellmont Theatre. It's long. Have patience. If anyone has Night Two, please tell me how I can have it, too.


Wilco (the song)
Bull Black Nova
You Are My Face
One Wing
Via Chicago
Company In My Back
Handshake Drugs
Side With The Seeds
Pot Kettle Black
I'll Fight
Impossible Germany
California Stars
Poor Places>

acoustic set

Spiders (Kidsmoke)
More Like The Moon
Forget The Flowers
Someday, Some Morning, Sometime
Laminated Cat
War On War
Passenger Side>

Airline To Heaven
A Shot in the Arm
Jesus, etc.
You Never Know
Heavy Metal Drummer
Red-Eyed and Blue>
I Got You (At The End of the Century)
Broken Arrow
Hate It Here
I'm The Man Who Loves You
Thank You Friends
The Late Greats
I'm A Wheel



Chris Swartout said...

Christmas in April!!

Thank you Sal.

Mr. Levine's Technology Blog said...

Thanks! I went to night #2 at Wellmont and it was phenomenal! Great small venue to see Tweedy and crew. Can't wait to listen!

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to their webcast from Boston on 4/6 that I recorded. It is 256kb MP3's. Enjoy

Sal Nunziato said...

Thank you, Anonymous!! Did you want me to share that link?

estreetus said...

just got an "identity" so I know longer have an "identity crisis" :) Enjoy the Boston show. I'm trying to find the 4-7-10 Concord show and if I do I'll let you know.

Sal Nunziato said...

Thank you again, estreetus. Please let me know if you find, 4/3.

misospecial said...

this will keep me company on the plane/s tomorrow. how do i not know wilco until now? oh yeh, i'm hopelessly out of the loop. but a little less thanks to you, sal...

big bad wolf said...

sal, i've seen wilco a couple of times and thought they were great. none of their albums move me the way the live shows have. how do you see their albums v. live shows? (i've no ax to grind, just curious cause you often pick up on things, i've overlooked, so i'm looking for guidance)

Sal Nunziato said...

Big Bad,

Wilco's albums are demanding. They are not always easy to take in on the first or even second sitting. Maybe that's not how some like listening. Maybe the live performance is more direct.

Sadly, I've only seen them 3 times and one of the shows, at the Bowery Ballroom, was before the no smoking laws, and everyone, including all band members, had butts going. I couldn't handle it and left after an hour.

I still think "Summerteeth" is one of the greatest records of all time.

big bad wolf said...

i'll give summerteeth a few spins. i listen fairly well, but tweedy lost me early with his self-regard; oh couched in his sensitive pain, but still essentially self-regard on the early albums. i didn't give up on him---that's why i saw shows and what i thought the shows demonstrated was that stripped of the time to be quite so self-regarding tweedy's songs worked better.

i've liked the last couple albums quite a bit. perhaps both he and i are mellowing.