Friday, May 28, 2010

"BBQ, Beach, Balls, & Burning Wood" : BONUS, LONG WEEKEND MIX

If I was at the beach (in the shade), drinking a cold Champale, playing badminton, and grilling up some tofu dogs, I'd be pretty happy if this mix was playing. Hope you feel the same.


f.b.i. (i spy for)- the untouchables
the real thing- tina britt
bye bye love- ray charles
#9 dream- world party
cherry cherry- neil diamond
the world keep on turning- fleetwood mac
corrina, corrina- the rising sons
21st century, gypsy singing, lovin' man- taj mahal
mrs. robinson- booker t. & the mgs
wrap it up- clifton chenier
southern girls- cheap trick
head on- the jesus & mary chain
i apologize- husker du
bama lama bama loo- tom jones
mama here comes the bride- the shirelles & king curtis
tulane- chuck berry
cry one more time- j. geils band
hey, girl- freddie scott
you turned my bitter into sweet- mary love
lido shuffle- boz scaggs
b-a-b-y- rachel sweet
rock and roll- detroit
bust a move- young mc



stu (st. charles) said...

thanks again Prof. B, for a great mix. I sat on the porch last night listening and drinking cold beer. Mitch Ryder channeling Mountain covering The Velvets, too much. Have a great holiday.

soundsource said...

thanks for the great summer mix perfect way to start the labor day weekend
your good bud Al Z.

jeff said...

I enjoy all the mixes, but am really, really loving this one. many thanks.

cmealha said...

This is great 'Turn on the grill and burn some meat' music. A grand slam!

Had forgotten about Rachel Sweet. It was great to hear that one. When I listened to "Bama Lama Bama Boo" I was impressed withe vocal. I hadn't seen who it was.. I was blown away that it was Tom Jones. He had some chops!

One of your best. Great job and thanks as always.

Hope to see you soon.

stu (st. charles) said...

J. Geils mix?


Hey Sal,

I found that Crowbar song on LP. I don't suggest it is great music but there is some powerful memory mojo at work.

Have a great Million Dollar Weekend!

(I can rip from vinyl but this new fangled sharing is a challenge for this old dog. I uploaded to DivShare. Tell me if I haven't done it right.)



Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks Jayssemm. Memory mojo is a GOOD thing.

allen vella said...

R n R By Detroit..totally forgot about that version..thank you for bringing it back to my muddy brain! Great mix Sal...thanks again!

misospecial said...

cherry cherry blaring out the car windows while we drove, nowhere in particular, but it was dallas and it was what we did. we'd put a dollar's worth of gas in the tank and drive all night. thanks, sal